I can honestly say I’ve never left an event so excited over the stuff that I’m going to get to buy my kids this year.  Even my wife was rejoicing at the ease of use of new kid friendly transformers.  Check out all about it…

Transformers – presented by Jerry Gavoine, Joshua Lamb

The Transformers 2014 line comes with a message, Hasbro Loves Transformers Fans (graphic was displayed, it was very informative.)  Hasbro is looking to imagine the Transformers brand for a new generation as well as amp things up for fans too.

Hilariously enough, and I’m pointing this out because I did in fact laugh….they mentioned that they were ‘recruiting’ fans through Rescue Bots.  That’s both devious and brilliant.

–          We can expect 73 collector figure releases between the Movie Generations line and the Classic Generations line.

Movie Generations – Wave 1 Deluxe

–          High Octane Bumble Bee (a black mustang with new tooling)

–          Crosshairs – dude has a trench coat and was in the Superbowl commercial.

–          Dinobots – Slug

–          Dinobots – Scorn

Movie Generations – Wave 2 Deluxe

–          Drift (Autobot)

–          Strafe (Dinobot)

–          Slash (Dinobot)

Movie Generations – Voyager Wave 1

–          Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (homage to the classic)

–          Grimlock (this ain’t your daddy’s Grimlock)

–          Hound – 7 separate weapons work in vehicle or robot mode.

–          Wait for it….GALVATRON. (he’s a truck).

Movie Generations – Leader scale

–          Optimus Prime

–          Grimlock

There are some reveals being saved for the remainder of the year, so we didn’t get everything.

Classic Generations – 30th anniversary of Transformers – Legends Wave 3.0 (1 and 2 are already released)

–          Gears w/ Eclipse –  Some dude just had an autogasm.

–          Decepticon  Acid Storm and Venin.

Classic Generations – Deluxe wave 4

–          Nightbeat – Autobot

–          Jhiaxus – Decepticon

–          Autobot – Fans Choice Winner – Windblade (f’n awesome).

Classic Generations – Voyager Wave 3

–          Roadbuster – Autobot

–          Predacon Skybite


A New scale was introduced, the Classic Generations LEADER SCALE.  This scale launches with the absolute classic, Jetfire!

Hasbro promised that there is a ton more to reveal…just not today.

Now, Hasbro moved on to their presentation targeting the younger generations of Transformers fans, and what they showed was absolutely jaw dropping!

Hasbro is simplifying and reinventing the brand.  No more 30 step instructions.

The presenter just whipped out a Bugati car and pulled some switchblade nonsense, it turned into a freaking robot.  Hasbro wants to go back to getting kids excited for what more than meets the eye actually means.

Hasbro went on to a teaser video of Transformers one touch transforming in all kinds of ways, flip, twist, and arm spin.

Now, how about a giant a$ $(22 inches) Grimlock that transforms from dino to robo in the pull of a single lever?  Sign my child up, TAKE MY FREAKING MONEY!!

And Hasbro will be delighted to, in Fall of 2014.

The audience was treated to a sneak peek at the 2014 bound Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark game.  Looks like it will feature various versions of autobots spread between Earth and Cybertron.

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