A look at what went down at the Hasbro Preview Event for the Star Wars Toy Line.  Most words, but sorry kids, probably the least pictures.

Star Wars – presented by Jeff Labovitz and Bill Raleigh

They are echoing excitement over Netflix picking up the Clone Wars Season 6.  It will start March 6h and show the final 13 episodes.  Hasbro will be celebrating with 2 named clones in their Black 3.75 line.

The Rebels line will be coming out in fall and there is a ton of exciting stuff!

Rebels Line – Saga Legends Wave 1

–          Chopper

–          Inquisitor

–          Ezra

–          Kanan

–          Agent Kallus

–          Stormtroopers.

Rebels line – Mission Series 2 packs.

–          Stormtrooper vs. Zeb.

–          R2-D2 and C-3PO


–          Inquisitor Tie Advanced Prototype

–          AT-DP

–          Phantom

Just play with it!

–          Hero Series, 29 inch X-Wing.  This is the largest they have ever made…but, it’s not 3.75 figure scale.  You can’t put anyone in a cockpit.

Rebels Line – Hero series 12 inch figures.

–          Ezra

–          Agent Kallus

–          Stormtrooper

–          Inquisitor

Rebels line – Role Play

–          You can buy the Inquisitors bad ass dual blade light saber with force disk.

–          New Stormtrooper blaster, comes with a fold out stock and a silencer piece on the front that is removable.

Star Wars Command

–          Create the armies of star wars.

–          It’s like a star wars version of army men.  Very low price points, collect tons of characters.

–          Pull back vehicles and bowl over other vehicles and figures. 60 unique sculpts. Under 5 bucks for 9 characters.

–           Star Destroyer – fully remote controlled, use the power of the Force, uses hand gestures for the remote.  This thing will bash, and then open up in front and fire projectiles.

–          “Giving kids the tools to wage war, this isn’t Star Hugs, its Star Wars!”

Star Wars Black Series

–          There is no end in sight for the black series.

–          New forms are being introduced.

–          New packaging that allows for larger figures (6 inch).

–          3.75 gets an imperial pilot card back.

Star Wars Black Series – 6 inch

–           Speeder bike with scout – episode 6, stand is included.  Different angles with stand.

–          Jabba the Hutt!  Move his arms, you move his mouth.

–          More to be shown at SDCC.

Star Wars Black Series – 6 inch Wave 2

–          Chewbacca

–          Clone Trooper

–          Darth Vader (episode 6), removable helmet (removable in two pieces, movie authentic).

–          Jedi Luke Skywalker (episode 6) with shirt flap and without.

–          Sandtrooper – episode IV – squad trooper. (army builder)

Star Wars Black Series – 3.75

–          R5 G19

–          Hoth Luke Skywalker.

–          More to come this year.

–          A teaser is displayed of Jabba’s ratty little sidekick.

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