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A few weeks back, and the litlgeeks are very sorry for the delay…but Halloween!  Hasbro invited the litlgeeks out to the heart of NYC for the Hasbro #MarvelSpectacular to play with some of their latest and greatest kids toys.  The litlgeeks had the time of their lives checking out all of the awesome Marvel goodness from Hasbro and even got to bring home some great toys!

The litlgeeks would like to thank Hasbro and Hunter PR for having them out to the party, there was so much fun to be had, and they got to fill in some blanks on their Christmas list with toys like Marvel Playmation and Mashers, Mashers and more Mashers!

Walking in, the litlgeeks were greeted at check in and were told about the awesome lineup of Disney XD Marvel cartoons on display in the theater.  We had just gotten there though, and a group just went in, so off to play!

One hall was full of Marvel Potato Heads, Avengers 2 inch scale toys, Playmation and Play-Doh!  The litlgeeks house is a Play-Doh house…and play they did!

Kids and parents alike were welcomed to snap a photo for a Playmation Super Hero ID badge, we all took our turns!  The next larger room featured a bunch of game stations for various Marvel based Hasbro board games and of course the Thor hammer game! The litlgeeks hit Loki level!

The centerpiece, and most frenzied area of the party was the Marvel Masher table.  Thousands of masher pieces strewn in bins on a table and people just going nuts making their most fun Marvel mash ups.  If you check out the gallery…I was able to score a Nova head and hands…but not the rest.  I had to have it though…I mean, the litlgeeks had to have it, so we ended up finding the full on Amazon after the party.

Also in the main room, coloring, art, and a Spider-Man Web Slinger station, hit a target, get a prize! The litlgeeks nailed two and walked out with a 2099 and Iron Spider action figure!

After the excitement of playing, the litlgeeks hopped in to the theater for an episode of Guardians of the Galaxy. We were already fans, so no big surprises, but very enjoyable and a great change of pace.

After meeting up with our friend Justin from Hunter PR (Hasbro’s amazing PR firm!), the litlgeeks had run out of gas.  On the way out of the event, the litlgeeks were both given awesome goodie bags filled with a bunch of the toys they got to share in play with for the day…it was a great day for the litlgeeks!  Thank you so much Hasbro and Hunter PR for having us out!

Check out more info on the Marvel Super Hero Spectacular at Marvel.com

Check out the gallery for all the fun a 3 and 5 year old could have in NYC on a Saturday afternoon!

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