Thanks to a metric ton of snow, an early morning unexpected train reschedule, foolishly rushing out of the house and not cleaning my windshield, and then an added delay on the part of a later train on the LIRR, I got to the Hasbro Fan Media Event a …a bunch late.  It wasn’t for lack of trying or determination though.

Late or not, MUReview is now proud to present to you all that we have learned from our shortened time with Hasbro and their 2013 and beyond line of Marvel products.  If you are interested in the rest of the Hasbro lines, Transformers, GI Joe, Star Wars, please check our other post HERE.  This is a Marvel site, so I wanted to make sure that we showcased this just right…Anyone looking for Marvel?  Read on brothers and sisters! Read on!



Hasbro included Marvel as their final part of  today’s fan media event.  I know I’m putting it here first, and I’m putting it here out of order, because this site is MUReview, so Marvel Universe goes first!!



The rumors were so loud I was starting to believe them myself, but we got a full new year of product from Marvel Universe at this show and because of that…I don’t think MU is going anywhere any time soon.  What we can expect in 2013?  Coming this Fall 2013, Rhino, Cap, Mysterio and Elektra as Wave 3.  Cap looks nicely updated.

Wave 4, holy crap! (I said that as I typed it), Cloak and Dagger with a variant alert.  I’m guessing that means we will get Cloak and Dagger is the variant?  We also see a   single carded Baron Zemo!  Abomination and A-Bomb (variant alert), the newer Rhodey Iron Man (modern sleek black and white glow type armor). 

We are also going to get the next wave of MU team packs including the aforementioned Uncanny X-Men featuring a modern (finally) Cyclops, Juggolossus and Emma Frost and they all look outstanding.  Wave 3 of the team packs will feature a Thor (in time for the film) team pack with Thor, Skurge and Valkyrie.

Marvel Legends!

We’ve already got wave 1 2013 with mini BAF Hit Monkey.  Wave 2 is Scarlet Spider, Black Panther, Wrecker, Bulldozer (variant alert),  Modern Hawkeye and Classic Hawkeye (variant alert), and Jim Lee Jean Grey, White Phoenix and Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey (variants like bananas).  Legends will also get Rocket Raccoon with articulated jaw.  I don’t collect Legends…I will get this though.  Now, the last slide, a sneak peeak,  Batroc and a friend, and modeled after the Thunderbolts, Moonstone..I’m ashamed, not really sure who is with Moonstone or Batroc.


Ultimate Spider-Man

A little out of order but this presentation started with Ultimate Spider-Man.  Season 2 is now in progress and the toy line is in stores officially on 2/11.  The Power Webs line will feature Catapult Smash Iron Spider-Man, Crossbow Chaos Spidey, Spider Swat Venom, Dragon Disc Iron Fist and Rocket Ramp Spider-Man.  The presenters are showing off some missile flinging technology…can’t have enough of that.  We will also see Flip Strike Doc Ock and Web Wingsuit Spidey.  Also in the line is the iconic animated bike.  You can use Power Webs to fling the bike.

Now being shown off, Rapid Fire Web Blast Spider-Man…he’s huge, looks like 12 inch scale, you can load Spidey with the Power Webs and you can fire them to the tune of firing sounds.  The figure also has lights. 

Lastly for Spidey, the 6 inch line, Iron Spider-Man, Nova, Cap Trap Spidey and Ultra Strike Spidey.  Joining the line, Shield tech Spidey, Web Whilrwind Spidey, and Tentacle Attack Doc Ock…dude looks greasy…



Next up, Wolverine to support The Wolverine (movie) 7/26, the toy line drops in June.  This will bring Legends to the Wolvie line, Cyclops (modern), Wolverine, Sabertooth, and Emma Frost.  The Phoenix 5 Cyclops, BAF Puck, and Modern Rogue…really, this line looks outstanding!…but give me 3.75!

The All Star Assortment will feature Logan, Silver Samurai, a classic Wolverine and Shadow Strike Ninja, this is a lower price point less articulated line.  The sculpts look great though.

Iron Man 3

Moving on to the Iron Man 3 line in stores 2/11 to support the 5/3 movie release.  Assmeblers are first up, there has been a bananas amount of  info online about these, you can buy 6 figures and swap parts between.   Gotta be honest if you get whacky you can make one heck of a gaudy Iron Man.  We get Stealth Tech, Star Boost, War Machine, Hyper Velocity, the Mark 42 and Iron Patriot.  Wave 2 is Crosscut, Striker, Sonic Commando and Mark 42 Iron Man.  Wave 3 has Silver Centurion, Exosphere, and Boxer Iron Man.  The last set is another Mark 42, Dune Buster and another unnamed but these feature Arc Light light up tech, these will be added in the fall.

Now on to the largest scale IM fig, the Sonic Blasting Iron Man (Night Ops).  Lights and sound, glows in the dark, and available in August 2013.  He will also fire rockets from a turning Gatling gun.  This figure will be out in standard movie style and Night Ops style, the movie figure out this coming week, Night Ops out in August.

Micro Muggs gets an Iron Man 3 line, 2 waves, 24 to collect as blind boxed inspired by all three movies.

More Legends line figures now, the Classic Horned Iron Man, the Heroic Age Iron Man and Iron Patriot Classic…something new, the movie inspired Iron Man Mark 42, the movie Patriot, and a Legends line classic Ultron available in May.  For these two waves we get a BAF Iron Monger and the full size figure is gorgeous.


Avengers Assemble

Avengers Assemble is getting it’s own toy line.  The line hits 2/11 an dthe show hits Summer. First up, Micro Muggs featuring Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Cap in a four pack available Fall 2013.    3.75 gets a shot, Red Skull, Cap and Hawkeye in the animated style.  We will get 10 figures this year available this fall.  Adding on here, we didn’t see this in the presentation but the line looks like it features a Leader and a nicely done Black Widow…not the blonde one, but still!


Thor’s movie coming out 10/1 will get its line 11/8 and the line features 3.75 figures of Thor, a Dark Elf, Loki, and a more common peasant looking Thor.  These figures are fully accessorized and articulated.  We will also get Thor role play toys, the helmet, some hammers one of them lights up!

That’s it for Marvel, huzzah, Marvel Universe won’t be cancelled!!  Now on to the show room.




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