Again, I apologize for mis-spellings but this was given by Jerry Jevoine and Joshua Lamb.

 This looks to be the biggest year for Transformers yet.  We have games, books, shows, a ride!  Without further wait, let’s get into what we’re going to see from Transformers this year.

 Rescue Bots Season1

Transformers Prime Season 2

Bot Shots Battle Game


Fall of Cybertron


 Transformers The Ride launched in Singapore already and will open up later on this year in Universal Studios Hollywood.

 For the ride, we will see 6 Transformer figures:

Voyager Prime

Voyager Megatron


Evac (exclusive to the ride)

 We will see a free to play MMO supported by micro transactions and subscriptions release in the Fall of 2012 by Jagex and Hasbro development.  We got a video look, and it looked interesting.  You can check out more at  The game is browser based and will provide another toy line opportunity.

 Rescue Bots will see the release of Heatwave, Chase, Blades, and Boulder, a police car, firetruck, helicopter, and construction vehicle.  We will see a full line, with 2 packs, a rescue garage, electronic figures, mobile hq, and Fire Station Prime.

 KRE-O gets a new line theme, Quest for Energon.  Picking up the pieces will allow you to build an Energon weapon.  We will also see a new Devastator in the line with 29 new figures to collect.

 Transformers Prime Season 2 starts 2/18 and season 1 is available on DVD and Blu-Ray March 6.

 Ebook apps will be available from  Ruckus media launching in April and they will tell the Prime story.

 Prime first edition will be at all retailers by March 1.  Deluxe wave 2 Voyager Prime wasn’t available in the US, this cannot be delivered.  There was a Hasbro issue and they are looking at getting these out later in 2012.

 The Movie Trilogy line will be available only in Asia with the exception of Evac, and that will be at the Transformers the Ride shop only.

 Movie Trilogy Prime will be available in the USA

 The following will also be available for the Prime line

 Wave 1


Wheel Jack

Cliff Jumper





Hot Shot


 Wave 2



 The Prime Entertainment pack will be available in Canada and Asia only and will include Bumlbee, Star Scream and two humans.

 The Prime remote controlled wave will include Bumblebee and Knockout with battle action via remote.

 We will see some role play masks and mission helmets (with Peter Cullen Voice!)




Cliff Jumper



All will have clear weapons with Energon feel / flow.

 Wave 2





 Commander Wave 1 – slightly larger size

Optimus prime



Megatron – translucent chest

 Wave 2



Star Hammer w/ Wheeljack

Energon driller w/ Knockout.

 Maximus scale

Optimus Maximus available in Fall, 2012, this Prime can house up to 9 figures!

 Bot Shots battle game

Crash figures with built in ‘dice’ to see if you win! The online game launches 3/1, as of 5/1 you can pick up PVP codes in packs.  There will be 44 bots to collect with a  rock / paper / scissors kind of interface.  We will get a ton of popular characters and some neat clear chase figures.  You can also look for Optimus Prime and Megatron launchers.  The line will also feature 3-packs.  Hasbro is going to make sure that the online experience mirrors the physical play experience, but will include different backdrops and an assortment of weapons.

 Fall of Cybertron

The audience got a treat to re-watch the VGA trailer and then out came Matt Teeger, the game director.  The guy seems very genuine and in love with the universe, that is only a good thing!  We will see some new things from Cybertron, the Sea of Rust for starters.  The game will feature Insecticons and what is this?

 Combaticons, Swindle, Brawl, Vortex, Blastoff, Onslaught and they form BRUTICUS.  We then got a treat to see the user controlling Bruticus and it has a giant feel to it. Can’t wait!  We also got another video but it was mainly more cut scene.  I’m wondering though…when can I play as Grimlock.

 Of course we are going to see toys based on the game, and which one?? Yep, BRUTICUS!

 We should also see Prime, Jazz, and Shockwave all based on Fall of Cybertron designs this year!

 Hasbro is bringing back Generations this year with 8 new characters this and next year.  We are looking at OVER FORTY! Figures for 2013!! (but nothing to show today)

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