Hasbro Fan Media event – Star Wars Presentation

 Presented by Jeff Labovitz and Eric Aranya (sorry if / for butchering your names).

Scroll to the bottom for a bunch of GALLERIES!

 This presentation really just jumped right into product, let’s have a look, and you can scroll down for images both officially released and from the show floor.  It is worth noting though that we are getting 3 ¾ inch scale LIGHT UP LIGHTSABRES!! And something else extremely cool.  Please forgive my lack of knowledge on the product, this really isn’t the pond I normally swim in and I may have some mis-spellings.

At the end of this post you will find a gallery featuring photos captured by MUReview and photos obtained through official channels from Hasbro, for which we will be eternally grateful.

 Wave 2 Feb 2012

Obi wan

Darth maul



Jar jar


  Wave 3 May




 Vehicle Wave 2 – April

Clone Wars Attack Fighter (Anakin)

 Wave 2 big vehicles

Republic Fighter Tank

Anakin’s Star Fighter

Naboo Star Fighter that fits R2D2

 Wave 2 Clone Wars – April

Republic Trooper Boss

Obi Wan

Captain Rex

 Wave 3 May


Clone Wars  Wolffle (I spelled that wrong)

Super Battle Droid

 Wave 2 Battle Packs – May

Duel on Naboo featuring

Obi wan

Darth Maul


 Bespin Battle featuring

Darth Vader

Boba Fett

Luke Skywalker

 Trade Federation MTT – Now I want to diverge here for a minute.  This thing is freaking cool.  It’s the Droid army Mutli-Transport and it’s mechanized.  It includes 20 battle droids.  4 of the droids are fully articulated, 16 are stand posed battle ready with an arm that can be raised to firing position. 

 All 20 droids fit neatly (like in the movie) in the transport.  The front cockpit lifts up. There are compartments all over this thing, and get this. Press a button and a rack of droids are mechanically slid out of the front of the ship.  It really is truly impressive and I apologize for not getting better images for you.  Hopefully it comes up in the Hasbro slides, or I can get something tomorrow.  It’s truly epic.


There are over 100 figures in the vintage collection with Wave 1 2012 on shelves already.

 Wave 6 June

Odd Ball

Grand Moff Tarkin


Starkiller / Galen Marek

Shae Vizla

Starkiller has two outfits evil or rebel

Shae has two heads, helmet and without.

 Wave 7 July


Obi Wan in Clone Wars Gear


Nien Nunb


Emperor Royal Guard – two sets of gear – training and movie gear

 Con exclusives

 Here we get an incredible recreation of vintage look Kenner Vault art.  The con exclusive comes in a 6-sided box (6 figures, each one side) that is shaped to emulate and covered in art for the carbonite freezing chamber in Empire Strikes Back.

A freezing chamber you say? But we already have a frozen Han figure…who gets fro..JAR JAR…frozen in carbonite..the way he always should have been, is the extra con exclusive figure.  Joining him we have,

Unfrozen Jar Jar that does fit in the carbonite box

Clone trooper – Ep 2

Clone trooper – Ep 3

Original trooper – Ep 4

Leia – Ep 5

Vader – Ep 6 (dying)

 Wave 8

Orrimaarko Prune Face

Republic trooper – old republic. – helmet, knife, blaster.

 Fans choice poll winner 2011 – coming in 2013.

Mara Jade Skywalker – Jedi. 

 Role Play Toys

Ultimate FX sabres

Obi Wan

Darth Maul – buy two and you can put em together.

 Fighter Pods

New figures 130 in all to collect.  Everyone is in this line…what is it…you basically smash them into each other, I think.  You can check out videos at


 Star Wars Amp’d

What is Amp’d?  It’s vehicle customization in a big way.  Buy a pack and you can make the vehicle you buy battle ready for any scenario, make an X-Wing ready to crawl the sand, a Clone tank ready to soar the skies.  Pretty neat stuff.  The bigger vehicles combine to over 50 different variations with the smaller to over 20.

 You can get a pack with an X-Wing and Tie Fighter, an AAT a Jedi Star Fighter, an AT-RT or a STAP.








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