Because the Marvel portion of the Hasbro event is really why we were there, I’m going to break the presentation into  a few parts.  Avengers and Spider-Man (movie properties), Bonkazonks, Marvel Universe, and Marvel Legends.  I feel like separating them will do five great product lines the justice they deserve.


Billy Legore and Vicky Stratford present for most of the Marvel properties, and they did a great job talking about something they probably couldn’t have disappointed me over even if they tried.

Spider-Man is the biggest Marvel Toy Line in history.  The new movie line will hit stores 5/28.  The first thing we get to see is a remote controlled wall-climbing Spider-Man.  I got to check this out after the presentation and it was way more neat than it looks standing still.  We also get a web shooting motorized spider-man that is 16 inches tall!

Lets talk about the figures though:

Wave 1
Green Goblin
Doctor Octopus
5 different Spider-men, one of em in black.

Wave 2
Movie Spideys
The Lizard (yes, we’ve got images!)
We will see an 8 inch Legends Scale Lizard as well.

There are also a ton of masks and role play toys that were on display, check the gallery below.

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