Thanks to the good folks at Hunter PR, Hasbro’s PR firm, MUReview was lucky enough to be invited to the more than fairly exclusive Hasbro Fan Media Event the day before Toy Fair 2012 (today 2/11/12). 

 The event consisted of waiting in a mild line, being let inside, checked in, watching a solid 2 hour long live mixed media presentation, and then being let to run mostly free through a playground of Hasbro’s creation which featured much of their upcoming years worth of product releases.

 I want to separate out the major lines into their own and leave this post for just a quick sum up of what was offered in light detail.

 The event kicked off with a presentation about Hasbro Studios, touting the many exceptional brands that Hasbro puts on our TV sets including but not limited to, My Little Pony, Transformers (multi-show), and a new show called Kaidjudo. 

 I’ll spare the readers the My Little Pony brief, but Kaijudo looks like a nice money sink for companion toys.  It’s a take off from the Wizards of the Coast trading card game Duel Masters. Something worth looking at.

 We got a look into a new Transformers Property, Transformers Rescue Bots.  It’s a more kid friendly flavor of the Cybertronian gang featuring a fire truck, a cop car, a construction bot and a helicopter that tend to the business of Prime in a town on their own with main line cameos.

 Hey, going back to My Little Pony, did anyone else know that Betty White does a voice on that show? 

 On to Transformers Prime Season 2.  There was a preview showing Optimus getting a Decepticon tattoo, and they showed us a clip of Arcee crackin’ skulls.  Transformers isn’t my thing and hasn’t been for a while, but if this popped on my set I don’t think I could turn it off, it really looked good.

 The show then got turned over to each toy line. Forgive me on the order, but we heard about GI Joe, Transformers, Star Wars, and Marvel, each of which will be featured in their own post.

 After the presentation we were separated out into our own numbered groups to be given a starting point in our Hasbro playground tour.  Mike and I were in group 2, Transformers.  I type that here for posterity because they took our badge in exchange for a free gift, more on that later.

 We arrived downstairs, passed by the initial display of GI Joe, and led around a corner to the Transformers setup.  Mike got some great shots that will be posted here and elsewhere.  Behind Transformers we had some of the more kid based stuff, the mini-super heroes, Mr. Potato Head, and other assorted kiddie goodies. 

 After a brief period of being locked in that location by slightly menacing looking security guards in black suits, we were allowed to roam free.  I bee-lined to Marvel, and was immediately greeted with a breathtaking array of new figures, some released, some coming soon (She-Hulk in packaging!!), and some a little further off (NOVA NOVA NOVA NOVA!!).  To be honest, everything from here was kind of a blur, but I know I checked out the Avengers setup, a little bit of the Joe’s setup, and I wasn’t even trying to mess with the crowd in front of the Star Wars setup.  I care about Star Wars, it’s probably more a part of my childhood than a lot of peoples, and it’s a good chunk of my adult hood, but I don’t collect the toys, and this site is a Marvel site, so please forgive me. If you want Star Wars, hit up  They are amazing for that and more (and Curto was on site).  Never to be forgotten, I also got about 35 seconds to speak with and shake the hand of the Marvel Universe game master, legend in the making, David Vonner, I’ll get to that in the Marvel Universe piece.

 I got a good look at the Nerf display. I don’t know Nerf though so just check out the images if yer into that.

 A big highlight for me is what almost got my brother slapped by a guard.  He took our first pictures walking down the stairs when greeted with a Sesame Street display.  My little guy loves the 3 inch figures, so just seeing that there my heart went a flutter.  I was allowed to take images on my way out, so I did.

 I snagged a free little baby Nerf Gun, a pen, and the parting gift was a Transformers DVD of the upcoming Transformers Prime premiere episode.  So in case you were wondering, while anything is appreciated, the general public didn’t miss out on an Oscar’s level swag bag.  Seriously though Hasbro, thank you.  I will be firing willy nilly upon my co-workers when I return to the office with my free baby, highly concealable Nerf gun!

I’m putting a few images here, but we will have individual posts for each appropriate product line.






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