Because the Marvel portion of the Hasbro event is really why we were there, I’m going to break the presentation into  a few parts.  Avengers and Spider-Man (movie properties), Bonkazonks, Marvel Universe, and Marvel Legends.  I feel like separating them will do five great product lines the justice they deserve.


Billy Legore and Vicky Stratford present for most of the Marvel properties.

What the hell is a Bonkazonk.  I got to see them in action and I’m still a little fuzzy on the subject, but I was assured that they are highly addictive.  Seems like a skill based action type game whereby you take one Bonka…and try to Zonk another, or set of many other Bonkazonk.

Each one is basically a spinning, stackable top with a Marvel character face on it.  We will get 102 characters, many, as their first time appearing as a toy in any Marvel line!


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