Because the Marvel portion of the Hasbro event is really why we were there, I’m going to break the presentation into  a few parts.  Avengers and Spider-Man (movie properties), Bonkazonks, Marvel Universe, and Marvel Legends.  I feel like separating them will do five great product lines the justice they deserve.


Billy Legore and Vicky Stratford present for most of the Marvel properties.

We are going to see Avengers toys in stores March first.  We get our first look at 5 role play toys, Hulk hands and mask, Cap gear, Iron Man mask and replusor, Thor hammer and helm, and a Hawkeye bow.  The commercial made them look like fun.

We are going to get hands on 10 inch electronic figures that perform actions, throwing, smashing, etc…

Lets get to the bread and butter, the 3.75 scale figures.

We are going to see:
Ultimate Cap
Iron Man
Comic Line Hawkeye

Wave 2 (not sure that all of the above are wave 1)
Stealth movie accurate War Machine
Iron Man
Black Widow
An as yet to be revealed villain (doi)

Wave 4 (wait what happened to wave 3?)
Nick Fury
Another cap

We are also going to see mission packs targeted towards the younger audience including Iron Man, and Captain America with a parachute.

We will get Mighty battlers, Hulk is shown, you squeeze his leg and he smashes.

We got a look at Flip Attack Transformer Vehicles (Captain America) which will release 8/12.

Assault Jet
Assault Tank
THE QUINJET (which you can clip a figure to to make them look like they are flying).

We will see some Super Hero Squad movie 3 packs including:
Captain America, Thor, Black Window
Iron Man, Nick Fury, TBA
We will also get the full run of stars from the movie as Mini Muggs.

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