Hasbro Fan Media Event – GI Joe Presentation


 The presentation began with a showing of the trailer for GI Joe Retaliation.  A trailer I believe we featured on this site.  All things being equal, I think that might have actually been the first time I’ve seen that trailer in it’s entirety with audio.  I was impressed.

 On to the toys.  The movie hits June 29, 2012, and the movie line hits shelves in June 2012 with over 50 figures, 4 convention exclusives (includes figures sold with vehicles), and 9 vehicles with 1 additional con exclusive.

 Hasbro will feature a leaner line than was put out with the Rise of Cobra.  With the line we will get basic figures, multi-packs a few things that they aren’t showing and some ‘account exclusives’.

 Wave 1


Snake Eyes

Cobra Commander (A really sick redesign that I can’t wait to see in the film)


Storm Shadow


GI Joe Trooper

Cobra Trooper

Red Ninja

 Wave 2  – July

Battle Kata Roadblock



(Battle Kata is a way of fighting that has knuckles / grip pieces that allows the fighter to flow through a fight, grab guns off chest to knuckles, pop guns off knuckles and plug into sword hilt and just keep fighting).

 2 Packs

Ninja Duel Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow (with new ankle articulation) (Storm Shadow based on 80’s camo Storm Shadow).

 Wave 3 – August

Joe Colton – Bruce Willis accurate

Lady Jaye

Alley Viper

Cyber ninja

Dragon Ninja

 Wave 4 – September

Kim Arashikage – Jinx – Hasbro can’t use Jinx on a figure due to legal reasons

Blind Master – played by the Rza.

 Wave 5 – October

Crimson Guard

Night Viper.

Crimson comes with label sheet to customize faction, rank, etc…

 Ninja Showdown set

Snake Eyes

Red Ninja

Storm Shadow

 Dojo battle set – June

Beach head

Night ops Roadblock


 Showdown set asst 2

Gi joe night ops team

Agent mouse

Night ops Snake Eyes

Sgt Airborne

 Cobra Invasion Team


Storm Shadow

Cobra Invasion Trooper
 Vehicle Assortment

Ninja speed cycle w/ Snake Eyes

 Wheel Blaster bike w/ Firefly

 Road Retaliator w/ Flint – Aug 2012 wave 2

 Cobra Fang boat w/ Swamp Viper

 Bravo Vehicle Assortment Wave 1 – June 2012

 Ninja Commando 4×4 w/ a less articulated Snake Eyes

 Tread Ripper tank w / Clutch

Higher price-point Delta vehicles

Ghost Hawk 2 w/ Duke  – zip line attachment to raise up figures

 Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank w/ Cobra Commander

 Ninja Combat Cruiser w/ Night Fox

 10 inch Ninja Commandos


Snake Eyes

Each commando does some quick draw action and has sounds, also features the battle kata funness

 Role Play Toys

Battle Kata Blaster

Dart Firing Blaster that lets you change it into a knife.

Snake Eyes Blade of Justic

Ninja Chucks

Ninja Commando Blaster

Snake Eyes Ninja Gear

GI Joe Spec Ops Mask

 SDCC 2012 Exclusives

Kim Arashikage variant white con exclusive

Kim Arashikage  in red – Jinx

 Shockwave H.I.S.S Tank transformers crossover, includes Decepticon decked out Destro in purple with a B.A.T.T.

 Check out below for pics from the floor and the official show release.





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