I believe we have mentioned this once or twice…but win lose or draw, we love Hasbro here at MUReview.  Their Marvel Universe Toy Line is out entire reason for getting this party started and it is now one of the primary things that keep us going.  But what keeps Hasbro going…awesome freaking toys.  Enter this years Iron Man 3 Movie Toy Line up!  Hasbro was kind enough to bestow upon MUReview a few of the role play and action figure plastic goodies that you can already go out and buy today.

Just this afternoon we had this outstanding package show up with…

Just a few quick words on each product, but please by all means, feel free to skip to the galleries…My kid was having the time of his life this afternoon…my other kid…is learning how to dodge.



Marvel Iron Man 3 Arc FX Mission Mask

This mask is packed with some serious firepower.  Four missiles launch (2 with each ear hole button press).  The wearer gets treated to lights, sounds and a red laser target on whatever they are looking at wit each button press.

Marvel Motorized Iron Man 3 Arc FX Gauntlet

It’s loud…but it’s deadly accurate and comes with a ton of foam discs…two of which are already lost, the others will be confiscated shortly… (see notes about dodging…)

Marvel Iron Man 3 Avengers Initiative Arc Strike Iron Man Figure

Lights, sounds, and a head that orients itself just right to show flight.  This is a crowd pleaser!

Marvel Iron Man Micro Muggs

Kid Approved

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