2016 has been all a buzz with Captain America greatness.  The timeless, ageless hero turns 75 this year, and everyone is celebrating!  As our great nation turns roughly 240ish on July 4th, (I know I know it’s not technically America’s birthday), MUReview is proud to get in on the concurrent and ultimately…let’s be honest, just as important celebration of our Sentinel of Liberty.

Over the past year, MUReview has gone to great lengths to bring you all things Cap, comic book news, movie news, and most fun, Toy Reviews!  Check out way below for links to all of our fun Cap Birthday review coverage, and keep an eye out for another post, because, what’s a birthday without presents!?!  Thanks to Hasbro, MUReview is gonna give you some presents!…just..in a different post!

Captain America Giveaway!

Cap Toys!

Hasbro Captain America Toys Magic Box

Hasbro Civil War Box Featuring Like Every Cap Toy Ever From Hasbro

Hasbro Marvel Legends Civil War Captain America Wave Review

Hasbro Civil War Miniverse

Hasbro Civil War Toy Line Reveal

Marvel Select Bucky Cap Review

Marvel Select Avenging Cap Review

Marvel Select Stealth Suit Cap Review


Cap Crafts!

Diamond Select Toys  Captain America Silicone Mold


Cap Comics!

The Return of Steve Rogers

Over-sized Sam Wilson Cap

Jim Steranko Variant Covers


Cap Games!

Cap in Contest of Champions



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