Hasbro graciously invited MUReview.net and a few of their other close friends to come hang out with them on the Googles in a sort of pre-SDCC 2017 celebration.  Without blinking, we jumped at the chance!  What was the topic of discussion?  Marvel Legends of course, but more specifically, Marvel Legends of the Marvel Knights variation, plus a few more that we are positive that you will be interested in.  

Now, we were limited to a few questions per news oulet and there were about 8 or so of your favorite Marvel toy sites on the Hang Out.  For your benefit, and because we have earballs, we are sharing with you all of the amazing info we heard.  After that, we are formally showing you sweet press photos, whatever official details we have, and even some screen grabs of this awesome Hang Out! (Ok…very grainy…but still, they tell more of the story).

The Google Hangout included some great sites, Marvelous News, Marvel Toy News, Action Figure Junkies, Pixel-Dan, Marvelicious Toys, The Fwoosh and Action Figure Pics.  It was hosted by the Hasbro Marvel Legends Brand Team:

  • Ryan Ting- Global Brand Manager
  • Dwight Stall – Senior Design Manager
  • Bobby Vala – Product Designer

Bobby is starting things off by showing off the Amazing Spider-Man Sinister Six pack Amazon exclusive.  This was a Toy Biz throwback in packaging, Bobby is psyched to share it with everyone, always wanted to do it.  MUReview reviewed it, we loved it.

Netflix Wave / Marvel Knights

Now onto the reveals that were sent out. Starting with Marvel Knights.  The six figures revealed in pro shot images are the whole wave (below).  Hasbro was very excited to launch their first Marvel Knights wave.  They revealed half of the wave at Toy Fair, Punisher, Elektra, Jessica Jones and Daredevil all Netflix style….let’s see what’s new.


Hasbro didn’t release the previous Blade displayed years ago was on an outdated body by today’s standards.  New parts, new version.  


A fan favorite from ToyBiz line, one of the best from their era.  Hasbro was excited to make this. Now is a great time for Bullseye, he’s built on the intermediate body with shoulder rockers.  He has a holster, knife, sheath, blaster, alt hands.  Tons and tons of facial detail on Bullseye on both heads.  The unmasked one has just a crazy expression.  It’s sick!


Man-Thing BAF

Man-Thing is huge!  A ton of detail, really nice looking sculpt and he captures the Man-Thing lurch posed.  “He’s probably one of the most detailed figures we’ve ever done”.  ‘A homage to ToyBiz Man-Thing’.  Folks should be excited, when considering doing this figure, a Ghostrider with bike was considered!  If you check out the gallery you’ll see a package back panel that shows the pieces and who / how Man-Thing is built!


Thor Wave

That’s the first wave, now we get a look at the Thor wave!  There will be movie figures in the wave, they aren’t ready to be revealed just yet.  What was revealed though? Jane Foster Thor, Odinson, and Ares!

Odinson Thor

Inspired by the run a year or two back, 3 Thors vs. the God Butcher.  We already have a King Thor and a modern Thor, he’s the last one we were waiting on!  His cape his tattered, he has the celestial slaying axe (way bigger than the last version, in better scale as well).  Thor features full articulation, scroll work on the weaponry.  He is different than the SDCC set, comic con has the Destroyer arm with a different bearded head.


Jane Foster Thor

Bobby beat the 6 inch team to Jane Thor in 3.75…Bobby wins.  6 inch Jane looks great though!  She is also in the SDCC set, but the single card is different, has a brighter more vivid cape.  The comic con hammer is translucent blue, single card is the standard hammer color.  Up close this figure is well textured, deco is beautiful, the chest plate looks like hammered steel!



Ares is not a build a figure this time around.  Ares was hugely popular in the past, 2010, this Ares has a slightly different build than the BAF of the past.  He has an updated deco, more aggressive looking, contratsting deco with evil shadow on his face and glowing blue eyes.  His legs have been updated as well, now has ankle rockers!


SDCC Exclusives

Thor Set

The Thor set is one of Dwights favorites SDCC exclusives.  The set comes in a band to keep it together.  Removing that shows a beautiful piece of art from Tyler Jacobsen (of Magic The Gathering art fame).  Each chamber is branded with the characters icon.  The package tells a story and includes a poem that they aren’t going to read to us today.  We are assured it’s awesome and it spans the package.  As you open the package, the story literally unfolds.  Ulik is huge, Thor is bearded, Jane in the middle, Maleketh has a nice blade, and we get Thor’s grandfather, who is huge (Terrax size).


Daredevil 12 inch figure

This is the first ever 12 inch exclusive, it’s Daredevil.  It has a “belly band” to protect the box.  The box itself is “Phenomenal” (Bobby said that, I believe him).  Box art is from Joe Quesada.  On the back of the box, there is actual braille.  Also included in the box are separate pieces of art from Joe Quesada showing the box art on flat pieces (so you could hang em up if you want).  DD comes with a Matt Murdock head, a little beat up, wrapped gloves, a mask to hold, and of course the billy clubs that fit in holsters.  Will the 12 inch Daredevil be available in the main line?  This was developed for comic con only.  After this year, who knows.


One More thing….

A two-pack of Executioner and Enchantress 3.75 Inch!.  Enchantress is fully updated, all new parts, looks stunning.  The Executioner IS the figure from years past.  Bobby Vala is excited to finally get him out there!  


Now for the Q and A

  • When do we start seeing the Knights and Thor waves on shelves? August 1 is the schedule for both.
  • Is there a potential TV line?  Hasbro is able to produce these figures, they are not blocked, if the fan support is there, it could happen in the future.
  • E3 – Marvel V Capcom 2 pack – What scale are those? 3.75 inch. 2 pack with Iron Man and Mega Man. Target Exclusive available late fall (September).  Full articulation here!
  • Netflix Elektra looks great, but is there any thought to updating female body articulation?  Some adjustments coming, Jane Foster has a bi-cep break.  “We are working with the sculpting team to explore new, better ranges of motion”.  
  • When and where is the Thor 2-pack coming out, and are you following the 2 pack formula?  Thor 2-pack is on shelves August 1, there will be more Thor movie Legends items in multiple scales in the future.
  • Broken figure limbs, has Hasbro heard about these reports and is anything being done to rectify?  Hasbro has heard reports, they are working to give the best product that they can create.   Things break sometimes, they do apologize, it stinks.  Hasbro is always trying to find the right balance.  
  • Will the face paints from the Guardians 2 wave / method be used more?  Yes, they are excited that we as fans are happy with how it came out.  They are some of the best scultping for a movie wave that’s come out.  They think we will be impressed with the upcoming Thor movie figures too!
  • How many figures are going to be in the Thor wave, and will there be a BAF?  Yes, there will be a Build a figure.  The exact number will be divulged at a later date.  It will be an average number in the wave.

A final note from the team, Hasbro WILL be doing Legends reveals at HASCON!! (in September 2017)

Marvel Knights!

  • Build a figure is Man-Thing (New Reveal!)
  • Netflix Daredevil
  • Netflix Punisher
  • Netflix Jessica Jones
  • Netflix Elektra 
  • Bullseye (New Reveal!)
  • Blade (New Reveal!)


Thor wave shown!

  • Thor
  • Jane Foster Thor
  • ARES!!!!!!


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