Fifteen years ago, the Comic Book industry came together to create Free Comic Book Day based on the belief that there’s a comic book out there for everyone. As Free Comic Book Day grew, publishers and retailers decided they needed another event to keep interest in comics and the comic book shops that truly help foster the community of this industry. Thus, the industry created Halloween ComicFest.

Now in its fifth year, Halloween ComicFest is back bigger than ever on Saturday, October 29th with 32 different free titles from 20 publishers, featuring original stories from properties like DC Super Hero Girls, Grumpy Cat, and Mickey Mouse. All the major publishers, from DC to Marvel are involved in making this event happen at over 1900 stores internationally.


The full-size comics are your standard 32-page books; the mini-comics are 14-page books at a smaller size. The mini-comics are predominantly child-friendly and are designed to be given to kids to inspire a love of comics in them, something we can all get behind.


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