A few days back MUReview gave you the scoop about two new Team Packs that hit eBay, the Guardians of The Galaxy, and Fantastic Four FF packs. Tonight, we will take a look at the Guardians of The Galaxy team pack, the first “all new” figure team pack released to this point.Packaging:

Bright colors, nice art, all of the figures are snug and secure.  On the back is a nice little blurb about the GotG, as well as a buy it for the Fantastic Four Team Pack (non-variant).  You also have the 2010 / 2011 Commander Steve Rogers artwork.



Starlord is a pretty figure, excellent paint app.  Very nice articulation, moves at the neck / head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, nice tight hip joints.  He’ll bend at the knee and twist at the ankle, but does not feature that added tilt articulation on the newer legs of figures like Cyclops.  I appreciate the matted difference in the paint on the helmet vs. the body / uniform paint.

My one complaint with the Starlord figure…no holsters! The man’s got guns! Any man with a gun needs a place to put it!  Hardcore fans may agree, or disagree with the red / blue palate, and the decision not to give Starlord his spats.  I don’t mind though.






Rocket Racoon

This little fella comes with one moving part, his tail, and it’s a good thing too.  Without the tail, he’d spend his days on his a$$ or his face.  No articulation at all here.  He comes with one gun that makes him about twice as wide, and the shape of his gun hand makes a good hold on the gun a little tenuous.  The paint application is good, but standing next to Starlord, he looks less glossy overall, especially the striping on his uniform.





As far as an accurate visual representation of the character as per his days in the Guardians, Drax is spot on.  The paint is excellent, but where I find fault is the size / scale.  It’s probably just me, but I feel like they could have used a Skaar / Hulk body for Drax, maybe with skinnier legs.  It’s not really how he is, but it’s how I picture him.  Otherwise, he’s got two knives that look great when held, but ridiculous when holstered.  It looks like the back belt holster openings weren’t made far enough apart, so you can’t make the knives fit underneath each other.  As well, when holstered, the handles stick very far out from the body making Drax looks like he’s got little wings.  I think what I  just said may have been totally contradictory…but I want the knives to fit, and I don’t want them to look silly holstered…Hasbro should do that.


Groot is one of the most enigmatic characters in the Marvel Universe.  He’s a tree.  He’s fairly bad@$$, and he only says “Groot!”.  Outside of Nova he might be one of my favorite characters, simply because I find him saying Groot to be totally entertaining…and he’s a tree.  However, I feel like he’s the biggest miss with this box set.  Hasbro had a chance to make a truly interesting figure at full scale.  I pictured branches all over the place, not really a “whole” figure, but that was my vision.  What we have though is Groot as a sappling just beginning to extend out of a flower pot.  No articulation, and limited detail, which is expected for something of the size, but I was really hoping for fully grown, fully uniformed, GoTG Groot!  For now he’ll hang out in the same case as Drax and look menacing.   (side note, yes…Groot IS mooning you).

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