Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord Quad Blaster

Being employed in a pretty standard office job type of role, I have recently come in to a light affinity for Nerf guns.  I try to keep them away from my kids because I have TVs in the house that I like.  However, they are finally of the age where I can explain…if you hit the TV I will choke you out.”  That said, I purchased them a few entry level guns not 3 weeks ago and they love them.  I didn’t have much to compete with though, so my dad lent me his Nerf shotgun.  Now though…now, I am armed in a space aged kind of way with the Star-Lord Quad Blaster.  I’ll have to keep it in my work bag though, because it needs to be available for shock and awe in the office!

Quad Blaster

The Good:

  • Hidden, freakin, bullets.
  • The mechanics of the gun are very impressive.  You cock each of two barrels and a single trigger pull will shoot you two bullets.  Cock em again and click the lower trigger to reveal and fire two more bullets!
  • This mechanic is sure to give foes a false sense of security to your opponent in any gun battle.

The Bad:

  • I really love this gun!


  • You can go to Toys R Us and buy this, Now.


The Video:

The Pictures:


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