Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket, Groot and Nova Corpsman 3-pack

The 2.5 inch line to support the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is a little bit of a sticky bit with me.  It gives me the characters I want in the styles I want…but I’ve always collected 3.75 inch and these are 2.5 inch.  That’s not to say they aren’t awesome, because they really are nice figures!  In the scale it also allows for reasonably sized vehicles which, we’ve already taken a look at.


The Good:

  • Rocket fit’s on Groot’s shoulders!
  • Rocket comes with guns..lots of guns!


The Good:

  • We’ve got Groot in a pot, this Groot, another step up in the 5.5 inch and then! the BAF! The iterations of Groot!

Nova Corpsman

The Good:

  • Very nice attention to detail.
  • Good capture of the Nova Corps officer.



  • Available wherever fine toys are sold.


The Pictures:


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