It is an epic failure on my part that I missed this for my readers yesterday.  However, huge news (for me anyway) out of the Marvel camp. 

Marvel is digging a little deeper into their catalog for big screen adaptations, starting with Doctor Strange.  The plot thickened yesterday however, when further credence was given to a Guardians Of The Galaxy big screen adaptation.   Marvel’s Kevin Feige first raised the possibility of GoTG as a movie in 2010.  It appears however that the movie is now moving ahead and is in “active development”.

I can’t contain my excitement about this…could this be our first chance at seeing Nova Prime on the silver screen?!?!  Cameos by Silver Surfer and not just a garbage dust cloud of a Galactus?  The possibilities are endless when things get into the Cosmic side of Marvel.  Maybe even a tie in with the hints at Thanos / the Infinity Gauntlet in the Avengers film?  Can’t wait!

Source: Twitch Film

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