Guardians Of The Galaxy – Gamora and Star Lord

The announcement of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2.5 inch line left many scratching their heads and wishing for a 3.75 inch line.  I was one of those many, but now having had hands on for a while with the 2.5 inch line, I see that it’s great for kids, and for collectors, it’s an excellent change of pace.  Let’s have a look at Gamora and Star Lord!


The Good:

  • Excellent coloring, shows off movie green skin.
  • Included sword is more than reminiscent of on screen.

The Bad:

  • Of all the figures, Gamora shines the least in this scale, big bulky hands and hard to read features.


Star Lord

The Good:

  • Short coat, no face mask, Star Lord looks like Peter Quill, looks like Chris Pratt!
  • Jacket detail is excellent.
  • Stubble detail is excellent.

The Bad:

  • There is maybe a little too much Star Lord love in this series.  He comes with the Milano and in one other 2-pack.


The Rest:

  • For $6 a 2-pack, there is no reason not to grab this whole series if you are a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy film!


  • You can go to Toys R Us and buy this set, Now.


Gamora and Star Lord Pictures:

Guardians of the Galaxy 2.5 Inch Line Pictures:


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