Guardians of the Galaxy – Drax and Korath

I couldn’t let this series sit on store shelves.  Hasbro was good enough to send me a few figures…and I’m a completest, so I went out and grabbed the rest of the figures…and I’m really quite happy with the set.  My kids, they are even happier!


The Good:

  • At this scale, to have this much detail is staggering!
  • Clean lines, good paint application.
  • Included weapons are guaranteed kid fun!

The Bad:

  • As with most of the figures in the set, the weapons included are more of an intrusion for collectors.
  • You can’t holster a dagger.


The Good:

  • Dead on movie Korath in 2.5 inch scale!
  • Bulky build, he feels the perfect size for the scale.

The Bad:

  • The main complaint that would apply to all in this line is really articulation.


The Rest:

  • For $6 a 2-pack, there is no reason not to grab this whole series if you are a fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy film!


  • You can go to Toys R Us and buy this set, Now.

Drax and Korath Pictures:


Guardians of the Galaxy 2.5 Inch Line Pictures:


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