Finishing up our look into amazing and varied product offerings at Zazzle featuring Marvel and DC licensed goods, we are crazy excited about this one…

Green Lantern Messenger Bag

The Green Lantern Rickshaw Medium Zero Messenger Bag is a beautifully designed, lightweight messenger bag that feels durable and looks great.  I’ll get to more of that in the good and the bad, but let’s call this “about”.  I’m a bag guy.  I have been for many years.  I don’t really buy bags based on look, but on functionality.  What can it hold?  How heavy is it?  Will it keep my precious stuff safe?  I chose this bag as a review sample (free) from Zazzle against my normal grain of questions.  I chose it because it was bright, colorful, and featured an impeccable Green Lantern logo.  I thought to myself, I’d figure out the rest later.  I’m pretty glad I made that call because so far I’m very impressed.  So much so, that I’m actually using the bag at work today.  Let’s check out the pros and cons.

The Good

  • Designed to carry well and be unobtrusive.
  • Very durable canvas material, this bag will hold and hold well.
  • Amazing, brightly colored design.
  • Perfectly captured Green Lantern logo.
  • Spacious!  I’m able to stow a 15″ Macbook Pro, an iPad Pro, a notebook, charging cables and my work cell phone.
  • The velcro closure so far, appears to hold very well.
  • Features 3 pockets – a main large compartment and two smaller front compartments, all are secured by the single large flap.
  • Hooks to add additional straps.  Hooks are heavy duty.
  • Update: The feel on the shoulder / body is really second to none.  The bag wraps around and it feels so natural you almost forget it’s there.  Never had that with a bag before.

The Bad

  • It’s a messenger bag, but in this day of laptops and iPads, a padded compartment is always appreciated.
  • The main compartment is closed / sealed by velcro only, and it’s a good strong seal, but a buckle is a more trusted way to hold on to anything you might be couriering.
  • The bag is on the pricier side of things north of $100, it’s a very well made bag and the quality speaks to the price tag for certain.  However, there are some quality add-ons that are an additional cost.  There is a drop pocket and cross strap.  If you want the complete bag experience, those will run you about another $20.
  • Update: Not having a center handle for quick pickup off of a seat or the floor is a little frustrating.

The Rest

It has been an awesome experience getting to explore the amazing catalog offered by Zazzle.  MUReview is thrilled and thankful to have been given the opportunity to choose some of Zazzle’s products for free to review for all of you wonderful readers at MUReview.  The Nova shirt, the Iron Man Dart Board, and now this brilliant Green Lantern Messenger bag.  It’s good to be MUReview!  I hope in the future we have more great Zazzle products to share with you.  But until we do, it’s time for you to head over to Zazzle and get your shop on!



You can find this Green Lantern Messenger Bag today! Also, check out Zazzle’s main Marvel and DC stores!

The Pictures!  


MUReview received these products for free.

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