As stated in my Iron Fist / Power Man review, I have space issues, and really, the best version of a character is going to be the one displayed, all others, storage. That said, let’s see where I’ll be keeping Spidey and Captain Britain.


You have the standard two-pack fare here.  A comic (Spider-Man and Captain Britain  – reading 65 Jan).  Each figure is “Action” posed.  There is a blurb about how the pair fought and eventually teamed up to fight Arcade, as well as adverts for Deadpool / Taskmaster, and Power Man / Iron Fist.

As said in the other review, one thing I am puzzled over, due to the time frame of this and the Power Man two-packs, why do these fall under Greatest Battles rather than Secret Wars?  Someone smarter than me decided that I’m sure, so I yield to their judgement.



I’m just going to put this out there.  For me, this is the definitive Spider-Man.  The colors are rich, deep, and bright.  The Articulation is the best I’ve seen on a Spider-Man yet, and he’s overall just better than any other MU Spidey I have yet seen.  He swivels at the head, has ball / socket shoulders, the twist at the bi-cep, bend at the elbow, spin at the wrist.  He has the pivoting hip joints common in most of the newer MU figures (starting 2011).  He stands well, poses well, and looks great!  Comes with a silly web accessory too (I don’t display with accessories so no big whoop for me). 

Captain Britain

I find it amazing how a figure can be so completely different yet so entirely the same as it’s previously released namesake.  The mega-bright red really pops off Cap Brit. The chest emblem looks great, and the paint on the face is pretty well spot on.  He comes with his trusty weapon and an amulet.  I don’t think you’d be able to take off the amulet, so technically, the weapon is the only real accessory.

Onto how he stacks up against Captain Britain number 1.  This is without question the exact same mold head to toe.  The only real on figure difference is the blonde mop on his head.  The articulation is exactly the same, and the only other notable difference is that he doesn’t have the knee guards on his boots.  Otherwise, though he’s near unrecognizable paint wise, next to each other, the similarities are …exact carbon copies.  No complaints here though, love this figure and was really looking forward to it. I am not at all disappointed.

Final Call

Both of these figures will be replacing their counterparts in my display collection.  My previous favorite Spider-man was from the Spidey / Sentry two-pack.  He’ll be going into hiding.  However, with Captain Britain…I know they are the same character, but just such a different look, and he’s a favorite, so I think I’m going to keep out the old, and display this new one as well!

Check out the gallery for more pics!


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