I don’t have a lot of space.  I do have a lot of action figures.  I have adopted a system by which a single action figure representing a character stays displayed, and any other duplicates of that character, variant, different outfit, from a different universe, etc, is put into storage.  This allows me to save a ton on space, especially considering I have a brief case each full of Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Wolverine action figures.  If I’m going to display a figure it absolutely must be the best, and my most favorite iteration of the character.

That said, this is kind of my rating system.  When I get in a new figure, is it awesome enough to replace anything I’ve already got on display.  The case here for both figures is…well, let’s read the review.


You have the standard two-pack fare here.  A comic (Power Man and Iron Fist – From March 1979).  Each figure is “Action” posed.  There is a blurb about how the pair joined up on the back, as well as adverts for Deadpool / Taskmaster, and Spider-Man / Captain Britain.

One thing I am puzzled over, due to the time frame of this and the Captain Britain two-packs, why do these fall under Greatest Battles rather than Secret Wars?  Someone smarter than me decided that I’m sure, so I yield to their judgement.



Power Man

It’s going to be impossible to look at this figure without comparison to the original Luke Cage for this line.  It does seem to me that at least most of the same components were used, but the legs definitely sit wider apart.  Not sure why it is, and obviously you can reign them in, but he generally wants to remain in horseback riding position most of the time.  He has all the articulation points of the original Cage, but with a better range of motion in ankle tilt.

The paint is excellent and I must have gotten a good application, looks near flawless.

The face and hair are where we find some of the most expansive shape difference in the figure.  The 70’s Power Man seems to have a broader / larger face, no facial hair, and the trademark mini-fro.

Iron Fist

Also stepping out of the 70’s we’ve got Iron Fist.  A much shinier / darker paint job than the previous two Fists out (standard and variant).  We have the other obvious differences in design, the bare chest, disco collar, and capri style tights with slippers instead of “boots”.  The collar does a nice job of casting a shadow behind the Iron Fist’s head adding a nice dimension effect.

The body type is similar to the original, the thin frail frame, rotating ankles but no motion up / down.  Double Jointed knees, ball / socket hips, jointed elbows, rotating writs and a head that is angly and spinny.

I love the way the sash and tail of the mask fly off.  Excellent figure here.

Final Call

Both of these figures will be replacing their counterparts in my display collection.  They look great and have classic style.  Admittedly though, once the white outfit Iron Fist hits shelves, this Iron Fist is going under the bed in the bin.  Check out additional images in the gallery.


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