Funko Pop! Vinyl Marvel Bobble: Howard The Duck

Howard the Duck was first introduced to me when I was young.  1986.  I was 7.  I was terrified of the crazy monster that Dr. Jennings became for the first few watches, but eventually got over it.  Howard has since been one of my favorite movies.  It wasn’t really till later in life that I realized that he was part of Marvel.  I thought it was just a ridiculous awesome movie.  There are many that would disagree on the awesome point, but it hit all the right buttons for me and I loved it.  I go back and watch it now and again.  It holds up, for me.  Nostalgia aside…this isn’t your daddy’s Howard the Duck…and I guess in this instance…that means it isn’t my Howard the Duck!  Still, it’s Howard, and I heart Howard in all of his forms.  This one being that of his Marvel Comics appearance look.

Howard the Duck

The Good:

  • As usual, Funko captures the target character perfectly!
  • Clean paint application, perfect lines. Excellent detail in the tie and hat!
  • Deep black eyes!
  • Nice cut on the suit.
  • Surprisingly good detail on his belt buckle.

The Bad:

  • He’s not flocked / feathered.
  • He’s not the classic movie Howard I’ve always wanted.

The Rest:

  • If you love Howard, you want this figure!



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