Funko Pop: DC Super Heroes Firestorm 

One of the highlights of any Toy Fair in New York City for most of the past recent years has been a stop at the Funko booth. 2016 was no different, but you might be asking yourself why I’m talking about an event that happened now 4 months ago….well, one of the coolest things I saw at Toy Fair 2016 was the Funko Pop DC Super Heroes Firestorm figure.  Firestorm has always been one of my most favorite DC characters, not quite A-list, cool powers, fun to read and really cool to look at.  That Funko brought him to the Pop format is another check off my bucket list of characters that I’ve always wanted, so for that, I’m excited.  More though, this is a freaking awesome figure!  Let’s check him out!


The Good:

  • Flaming hair is captured perfectly.
  • Sharp lines and very clean paint application.
  • The white eyes can see for miles and miles.
  • Firestorm is wearing my favorite, his most classic costume!

The Bad:

  • He’s not actually on fire…but I guess that’s as much a good thing as it is a bad thing.

The Rest:

  • Easily the best figure in an awesome wave of DC Super Heroes from Funko.  Though, the rest of the wave is nothing to sneeze at either, Supergirl, Power Girl, and Cyborg join Firestorm in the Pop lineup in 2016.


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