The Merc with a Mouth makes his triumphant return to vinyl, plush, and beyond!

Pop! Marvel: Deadpool

Both sides of Deadpool’s personality shine through in our two latest Pop! figures!

Two Swords Deadpool is ready for battle and Thumbs Up Deadpool is ready for chimichangas!

Coming in January!


Pocket Pop! Keychain: Marvel – Black Deadpool

When your keychain is lacking discernible wit, consider adding black suit Deadpool!

Coming in January!


Dorbz: Marvel – Pirate Deadpool

Pirate Deadpool takes to the high seas in-search of booty!

Coming in January!


Pop! Home: Marvel – Deadpool Mug

Finally! You can now drink directly out of Deadpool’s head!

Coming in February!


Mopeez: Marvel – Deadpool

The newest Mopeez line showcases one of Deadpool’s favorite things: himself!

He comes in four versions; classic red, X-Force gray,
the blue suit from his X-Men days, and the inverse yellow suit!

Collect all four!

Coming in January!


Super Deluxe Vinyl: Marvel – Deadpool

Deadpool has always liked to go out with a bang!

The latest Super Deluxe encapsulates Deadpool’s spirit in high quality vinyl,
making for the perfect display piece for any wise guy!

Add this special 9-inch figure to your collection today!


Coming in January!

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