Continuing on with our week of the Marvel Universe new figure Bonanza!!  We take a look at Black and White Spider-Man and the FF Doom.  Now, FF Doom is interesting, and I’m sure MUReview friend Alan is taking some pride in this actually coming to market after his scandalous FF Doom custom debut.  Maybe he’s not taking any pride…but I know a lot of people are happy to get their hands on FF Doom.  It’s also great to get a more solid Spider-Man in his negative FF uniform but…read on. Oh!  And stay tuned for the the next many many days because we will be checking out Hulk-Wolvie, Juggernaut-Colossus, She-Hulk-Wolvie, Cap-Magneto, Iron Man-Mandarin, Spidey-Rhino, the Masters of Evil SDCC Exclusive, and the X-Factor TRU exclusive!  But wait! There’s more, is turning 1 on July 24th…you don’t want to miss that!

The Good:
FF Doom –
He’s the FF Doom clad in all white.
If you can believe it…the paint job is great!

B&W Spidey
Spider-Man utilizes the 2011 / 2012 Buck. He’s sturdy, solid, and ultra articulated with all the joint fixins you could hope for. Ankles to shoulders he’s every bit the mobile Spider-Man that bag head is.
Unlike his 2012 Bah Headed friend, Black and White Spider-Man (at least mine) has incredibly tight and solid joints.

The Bad:
FF Doom –
This is the exact same Dr. Doom we’ve gotten over and over and over and…over again (that’s enough overs I think).
It’s also Ultron with a different head, an apron and a cape.
The gun still doesn’t fit in his hand.
There is still no working holster for the gun that Doom has no other way to hold.

B&W Spidey –
He doesn’t know a good recipe for Irish Soda Bread.

The Rest:
FF Spider-Man and FF Doctor Doom come as a Toys R Us exclusive 2-pack. Availability is unknown and release date is a best guess at this point. Fans of the FF series will probably want to jump on this though. They will both look great with the rest of their white suited brethren from the FF team pack and the Wave 19 FF Spider-Man. The card at SDCC said Fall 12′ but it landed somewhere in the Bronx / Westchester NY this past week so it’s really anybody’s guess. Notable fun fact. The packaging at SDCC in images said nothing about being a TRU exclusive, but the packaging I have has the logo right on it.
The Pictures:  I’m starting to like making these little comics so I hope you enjoy… the rest of the images are in the gallery below.

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