X-Factor Collector Pack from Hasbro

For the Marvelites lucky enough to be attending San Diego’s Comic-Con International this year, rejoice! Toys”R”Us has announced that they will be returning to the convention and will be offering attendees an advance opportunity to purchase items that will be sold exclusively at their stores later this year! One item on their “buy” list will be sure to catch your eye: the X-Factor collector pack from Hasbro!

The collector pack will feature six 3 ≤-inch figures which will include Cyclops, Angel, Marvel Girl and Iceman as well as the iconic villains Mister Sinister and Apocalypse. The collector pack will have a specially designed package which will feature artwork from the 1986 issue of X-FACTOR #1.

Fans will be able to grab this pack for $50 at SDCC before it becomes available nationwide at Toys”R”Us stores this August!

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