I have been to more than my fair share of conventions, Baseball, Football, Video Game, Film, Software, Hardware, Comic.  It’s amazing the variances you see in these conventions.  They range from a few tables in someone’s garage all the way up through multiple floors at the larget convention halls that you can possibly imagine with everything in between.

To this point, most of the ‘local’ Long Island conventions that I have been to have been hotel hosted and have had very limited participation and representation from local and national retailers.

I’m happy to report to you, Eternal Con got it right, it was no garage, and there was plenty to look at!  Best Comics, Epic Collectibles, Lost 4 Toys, the 501st Legion, The Long Island Ghostbusters, so many vendors, cosplay troops and excellent exhibits, there was more to see than the 8 hours of doors open could let you see enough of….That, being my only complaint.

Eternal Con was outstanding, and I’ve got more to say about it, but let me start with what I didn’t like.  1 day!  Next year, and there absolutely should be a next year! Give me two days or more!  There were certainly enough people there to make it happen.

Walking in we were greeted by what I felt was one of the main attractions, the classic TV era Batmobile!  Folks could step right up and take pictures from behind a line or for a few bucks, they could get nice and close and have a picture taken with the car.  Further down the outside stretch were more vintage TV and pop culture automotive icons, KITT from Knightrider not being the least impressive of which.

On entering we were greeted with throngs of vendors and eager shoppers.  There were deals to be had and tons of rarities and custom pieces, a ton of what you’d expect at even an international type con shopping wise.  I will say though, I was a bit confused.  Often times I’d pass a booth with a near frenzy of people mobbing it.  Something you see a lot at larger cons, but usually they are giving something away.  I didn’t see much in the way of giveaways, and maybe it was my timing, but I was left dumbfounded by the frequency of these happenings.

I did sneak away with one freebie for my little guy, a Marvel Super Hero Squad book, handed to him by a nice little girl working the booth at epiccollectibles.com  We’ve read it about a dozen times by now.

While there were great deals to be had, many of which we took advantage of, there were some folks selling items at worse than Toy Hunter prices…always to be expected, but I say this because everyone should always be on their guard!

Making our way around the con we were treated to an outstanding movie prop / costume exhibit featuring Planet of the Apes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name a few.

The folks with the 501st  were exceptionally gracious and eager to please with pictures with kids as well as volunteering to be shot with Nerf darts for donations.

As an aside from the con itself, it was a great bonus that the event was hosted at the Cradle of Aviation museum  as guests were granted entrance to an outstanding hall of aircraft exhibits.  I had family in from out of town and they were given quite the double feature treat!

Back to the convention!  We ran in to Game Master Games, had a great conversation and we were treated to their hopes for next years Eternal Con…on site gaming!! Let’s all hope it happens.

There were whole sections of independent art and comics, this was conveniently located near the epicenter of Cosplay which appeared to be not only encouraged but supported, again with the 501st as well as official troops of GI Joe Cosplayers.

I can without a doubt absolutely recommend you attend Eternal Con in 2014.  I can also only hope that next year the con gets a little bit more time and hope that it gets many more years to come!  MUReview had a great time and we thank the folks that ran Eternal con for having us down.  Check out the gallery to see the fun we had there!


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