Entertainment Earth Exclusive Hasbro Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy were all the rage last year.  Especially around SDCC 2014.  Marvel Cosmic had a sweet Hasbro box set featuring Star Lord, the movie was still buzzing, and we were hearing murmurings about an animated Guardians show.  Fast forward to 2015, the Guardians are still awesome, but to say that they don’t have the same head of steam I think, is a true statement.  Mostly what I’m trying to say is, that I wish this box set came out a year ago!! For me…I wish this box set came out 5 years ago! It’s never too early to get hands on the Guardians of the Galaxy, especially the comic versions!  Hasbro partnered up with Entertainment Earth to release this long rumored box set featuring comic book versions of Drax, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora and Star Lord.  What you get out of the deal is a fantastic box set featuring some of Marvel’s best characters (for me at least!).

The Packaging

The Good:

  • Inside and out, this box is covered in gorgeous art.
  • The box is sturdy and was shipped in a white hard cardboard sleeve, and then in a standard shipping box, so it arrived in excellent condition.
  • All of the figures are nicely arranged and all the accessories were nice and snug.

The Bad:

  • Nothing to complain about here.  This is a far more traditional box than for something like a convention exclusive from Hasbro that we’ve seen.



The Good:

  • Star-Lord (comic version) was released as part of the SDCC 2014 Thanos Imperative box set.  This deco differs a little bit from that release.
    • Ligher blue outfit with darker red trim
    • Brown boot spats as opposed to black on black
    • Weapon coloring is lighter
    • Slightly different mask detail color.
    • Slightly different eye detail.
    • Brown belt packs instead of black.
  • Highly poseable.
  • Incredible line detail from head to toe.
  • I sold my SDCC Star-Lord, this one is a little more dynamic to me.

The Bad:

  • You can’t take off his helmet.



The Good:

  • Gamora is the reason a lot of people who have spent time collecting the other single packed or box packed Guardians of the Galaxy, will be plunking down the asking price for this set.  If you want comic deco Gamora, it’s here or nowhere else (for now at least, of course).
  • Exceptional paint detail.  The mesh in the center of her …outfit is so clean!
  • Two heads included, one hooded with gnashed teeth, the other not hooded with closed lips.  Both are perfect to show off Gamora’s dynamic character nature….angry, slightly less angry.
  • The coloring on Gamora is comic perfect head to to, the glistening outfit against the muted green skin.
  • Skull belt is dead on!
  • Excellent beefy sword to help show she’s the boss.
  • Cape is removable.

The Bad:

  • The inclusion of the green piece of cloth to cover Gamora.  It’s not a character trait, and near as I can tell it was to make Gamora more decent for store shelves.  If they can sell umpteen Harley Quinn figures on store shelves, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with Gamora just the way she is!
  • Glue where Gamora’s legs are pieced together is a little sloppy.


The Good:

  • He is Groot.
  • This Groot is foot to neck the same as the Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy wave BAF Groot, except he’s a darker color brown.
  • Groot’s new head is excellent, angry and comic accurate.
  • He makes a great chair for Rocket Raccoon.
  • I sold my BAF Groot. I like this one way better.

The Bad:

  • I’d love to have seen Groot in his GoTG blues.

Rocket Raccoon

The Good:

  • Rocket’s facial paint application is far more in line with Marvel Now Rocket Raccoon than late 2000’s golden era Rocket. (not good or bad, just a thing)
  • The facial paint detail really makes Rocket look like an angry non-rodent, especially with the explosive red eyes.
  • Rocket retains almost all articulation from the BAF Rocket from a year or two ago.
  • This is just a more colorful Rocket than the one we got as a BAF.
  • So many guns!
  • A potted Groot! (I’ve got a lot of those now…)

The Bad:

  • Jaw articulation has been subtracted from the Rocket equation.  I’m sad to see it go!



The Good:

  • Drax went from looking like a kind of frail old man in his single card Marvel Legends release to looking like Drax the Destroyer.  He’s a beast! I didn’t realize how dainty the other one was on his own and now I’m thrilled to have this new one.  Old Drax is out the door!
  • Drax includes 4 knives, an extra set of hands and a Cosmic Cube.
  • On the Cube.  I say it’s for Drax because it fits perfectly in his hands, but I guess it’s probably technically Star-Lords…but I don’t care.
  • Drax’s 4 knives…it’s good, because he has 4 hands, but that doesn’t mean he can wield all 4 knives at once, that’d be ridiculous right?  Well that’s why he’s got boot holsters for one pair of knives!

The Bad:

  • My only complaint with Drax, is that he’s not the classic purple caped Drax.  He wouldn’t fit with this set…but I still want one.


The Rest:

I adore all things Marvel Cosmic.  This is known.  This set panders so heavily to that taste, and I am eating it up.  I love the set.  I’m glad to have more true comic renditions of my favorite space faring A-Holes.  All of the decos are solid, a bunch of great accessories are included, it’s a great set.  If you didn’t pre-order it, you’ll end up spending about $120 to get hands on.  When I placed my order it was free shipping at % off, so it was $100 even which is an incredibly sweet price for this set.


You can only get this awesome set from Entertainment Earth…or from a reseller that bought it from Entertainment Earth in the first place…so basically, you can buy this on the Internet pretty much wherever.  But it will have a sticker on it that says Entertainment Earth exclusive…unless the person selling it took it off.  In that case, kind of a dick move, right?

Guardians of the Galaxy Box Set Group Picture:


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