Look out below for the details on the Marvel Heroes 1.2 Game update featuring new defense system and Emma Frost as a Playable character! (But still no Nova…)

Greetings Hero!

Game Update 1.2 is here! This is our biggest patch yet and it includes many features that you’ve been waiting for including – Emma Frost, Difficulty Modes, a huge overhaul of the Defense System, new Unique items, stackable Relics, and much more. This patch represents a major step forward in the combat and item system for Marvel Heroes, with a complete retuning of survivability and defense across the board. Below are some highlights but be sure to check out the full patch notes for 1.2 here.

– The Marvel Heroes Team

Emma Frost has arrived in Marvel Heroes and brings her Omega level telepath skills to the live servers! Emma Frost is truly unique and features several brand new game mechanics, including the ability to mind control enemies so they permanently become her “minions,” as well as instantly changing into her Diamond Form for tank-melee options.

The White Queen is ready to be added to your roster today! Purchase her in game, or through her special limited post launch Hero Pack.

Heroic and Super Heroic modes are now available for all heroes. Players may unlock Heroic mode by defeating Doctor Doom or reaching level 30. Superheroic mode is unlocked by defeating Doctor Doom on heroic mode or reaching level 45. Increased difficulty also means increased experience and rewards. In addition to even better loot, as you play in Heroic or Superheroic mode you encounter new enemies and challenges that are different than what you found playing through the game on Normal difficulty.
The defense system has been completely overhauled. Gearing for defense is now a very solid plan for any type of hero (ranged or melee). This is a major game system change that also includes improvements to how the Crit and Dodge ratings work. These changes mark a significant upgrade to the overall Marvel Heroes experience.
Players starting the story from the beginning with any hero will be treated to a brand new starting quest. Your job is to stop an ongoing bank heist in Queens. This new quest concludes with an encounter with the always fortunate Black Cat.

There are two new item types in the game. Relics are powerful fragments of epic civilizations across the Marvel universe. These offer bonus stats to your hero and can be stacked up to 999. Unique items are extremely rare and powerful, they can be slotted in any of the 5 basic item slots and offer various exciting abilities.

An awesome new end-game mode is coming to Marvel Heroes soon. Defeat wave after wave of unending mobs and Supervillains as they try to demolish Xavier’s Mansion. This mode will scale in difficulty and rewards until you and your friends can’t handle it any longer.




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