DorksideToys is a bit of an interesting seller on eBay.  The whole of their business is loose action figures.  Not used action figures mind you, just loose.  Their inventory spans much of what Hasbro puts out there, from Star Wars, to GI Joe, to Marvel Universe as well as a bunch of other lines.

I’ve purchased from DorksideToys more than once before, and recently made a purchase of a few figures that I intend to use for some future head swaps / customization.

DorksideToys is quick to ship, inexpensive, and always has an excellent inventory to choose from and I can’t recommend them enough from my past experiences, but now that is a real thing, and I like getting into detail with the market and all things related, I decided to reach out to DorksideToys and see if I could get the eBay / toy buying community some answers to questions that you may have, and that I know I have.  Dorkside was kind enough to take some time out to chat with us just today:

DJ – I’ve made several purchases from you as an eBay seller, what you sell suits me      generally very well, because I display my figures loose and just discard the boxes.  You always seem to have an outstanding variety and amount of figures…Where do you get all of those wonderful toys?

 DorksideToys  – Well first of all I’m glad you were able to find items that you were looking for in my store and I appreciate your business.  I’ve gotten this question before from a few customers and from other eBay sellers. I buy  from a variety of sources but most of the items I sell come from wholesale distributors.  Everything I sell is new and has been removed from the packaging.  While a few of my competitors do, I refuse to buy factory seconds from Chinese sellers.

 DJ – Not only do you have variety and wealth in stock, but you get things that are minutes old to the market.  With most of your inventory it’s easy to imagine that maybe people sell you their loose stuff, but with the new inventory, is it a factory hook up where they just sell you items that maybe had packages with defects?  I know it’s similar to the first question, but you are a loose figure salesman, so really, that’s the biggest part of my curiosity.

 DorksideToys – I get people who write to me occasionally and want to sell me their collections but I don’t buy them. I don’t want to sell used figures. When I was first started selling on eBay I did that and it totally sucked. People would send me their collections and it wouldn’t be complete or reeked of cigarette smoke or smelled like cat pi**.  I put an end to that quickly. I figured out early on that if I wanted to have a real business and  grow it to the point of it being a full time job, then I would have to sell new items, and I would have to get hooked up distributors.

I don’t have any factory hookups with Hasbro….I wish I did. The main distributor I buy from is local and because they are local I can simply go pick up the items and get them listed in my store quickly.

I got into selling loose figures by total accident, I’d be lying if I told you anything other than that. When I first started selling on ebay I was doing it to generate a little extra money while I was in school. I was a complete idiot I didn’t know the first thing about selling online. It never occurred to me that people outside of the United States would actually bid on my items. I started getting emails from people all over Europe and South America asking if I would ship the item loose. They wanted it shipped loose to save money on the shipping. I could ship 6 carded figures to Europe for around $20-$25 or I could ship those same 6 figure loose less than $10  It was at that moment the proverbial light bulb went on for me.  There was a huge market for overseas collectors and I thought I could actually turn it into a full-time job catering to those customers. Now overseas buyers represent more than 50% of my business and it’s been great. I get to work from home, I make a comfortable living, and I don’t have to answer to some weasel of a boss.

 DJ – How long have you been selling on eBay?

DorksideToys – I’ve been selling on eBay full-time for about 5 years. I just recently started selling on Amazon and after the holidays I’m planning on setting up a own store. If anyone out there knows web design and can build a store on the yahoo e-commerce platform hit me up. I’d love to do some trade outs:)

DJ – What’s the best item you’ve ever sold?

DorksideToys – It has to be UPC sets I sold last year for the mail-away rocket firing Boba Fett figure. I sold more than 300 sets at $10 a set. That’s free money.

 DJ – Worst item ever sold?

DorksideToys – I’ve sold some real stinkers but it would be hard to decide between any DC Universe Infinite Heroes Crisis figures or Star Wars Vintage Collection Clone Trooper VC15. Both are truly terrible, Mattel simply cannot make 3 3/4 inch action figures and the clone trooper is awful because of that terrible removable rubber helmet that turns green after a few months.  I guess if I was going to only give out one gold medal for suck it would go to the clone trooper, he’s way too freaking expensive and Hasbro packed him in nearly every case assortment for the last 8 months.

DJ – Do you also collect?

DorksideToys – I do collect. I’m not the rabid obsessive collector I used to be but I keep one carded version of each of the new Star Wars Vintage Collection figures. I’m also building a loose collection of vintage star wars figures and I’ll occasional keep a Joe or a cool Marvel figure.

DJ – Favorite toy line?

DorksideToys – Well this one is tough for me because I love star wars, but IMO Hasbro has not done a good job recently with the Star Wars license. The case assortments for the vintage collection are awful, they continue to refuse to pack new figures 2 per case, and simply put, they are too darn expensive. It’s hard to pick between Marvel and J,oe both lines have been great for me, but I guess if I was pressed I’d probably give a slight edge to Marvel. If you’re a Marvel geek Hasbro has given us some truly awesome figures in this past year Apocalypse, WW Hulk,  X-Force Deadpool, and the recently released X-23 is smoking.

 DJ – Favorite figure?

DorksideToys – Indiana Jones Mola Ram, Iron Man 2 Comic version Whiplash and honorable mention goes to Captain America Crossbones.

 DJ – One last question, …do you open the figures yourself?  Or do you get them from your sellers open?

DorksideToys – Everything I buy comes in the package. I buy cases like any other e-tailer.  I normally don’t open them myself, I have person who works for me who opens figures,  puts them in small zip lock bags, and places them in storage bins.

Special thanks to Eddie, for taking time out to answer our questions.  Go check out his auctions, especially if you are a loose collector! DorksideToys

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