HILLSIDE, NJ – February 8, 2017 – Take on one of the most feared beings in the Forgotten Realms and display your greatest achievement with the Dungeons & Dragons Mind Flayer Trophy Plaque. WizKids is pleased to present this wonderful decorative piece, available at friendly local game stores (FLGS) this May.
Bring the Dungeons & Dragons Mind Flayer from the Underdark to your castle, throne room, or living quarters with this stunning recreation. With four tentacles protruding from its octopus-like head, the Mind Flayer Trophy Plaque is sure to grab everyone’s attention (no mind control necessary). 
Made from foam, rubber, and latex that has been carefully hand-painted for realistic detail, the Dungeons & Dragons Mind Flayer Trophy Plaque includes everything you need to mount the plaque to your wall.
Contact your friendly local game store to order the Dungeons & Dragons Mind Flayer Trophy Plaque today!
Please Note: This wall hanging unit is a heavy object weighing approx. 14-16 pounds. Professional installation is suggested.
For more images and information, visit: http://wizkids.com/dungeons-dragons-mind-flayer-trophy-plaque/

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