I know this is MUReview, but if we touch on a little bit of DC every now and again I think you will get over it. Not to mention I think we can all agree Batman is so cool that he should just be in the Marvel Universe anyway.

Anyone who knows me, knows I feel Arkham Asylum is the greatest video game of all time. So, I might be a bit biased on my review. ArkhamCity.co.uk has announced the release of new skins/suits for Batman with the release of Arkham City in October. Who knew it could be so exciting to play dress up?

Take a look for yourself:

Image Credit: - ArkhamCity.co.uk

My personal favorites have to be the Batman Beyond and the Animated series suits. While never a huge fan of the “Batman Beyond” series this costume is pretty sick. Although, even I will have to admit it is pretty much Black Panther with a red bat symbol on the chest. semantics.

Now the bad news. As of today there has been no mention on whether these skins/suits will be released with the US version of the game. Stay tuned for further updates as I hold onto the dream of me soaring through Gotham dressed in my Batman Beyond suit sans Wiil Friedle.

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