The Munsters Select Series 1

Diamond Select has legitimately never let me down. Whether it’s The Watcher, Mephisto, my amazing Infinity Gauntlet bottle opener, or fare other than Marvel.  For instance, the incredible Musters Select series.  Recently my son and I were fortunate enough to get our mitts on The Munsters Select Series 1 and I’m quite excited to share thoughts on the set that were more his than mine….he’s four.  I know these were a much older release, but that doesn’t preclude us from really wanting to share this with you! This was a fun review to take notes on.


The Good

  • This is run away my favorite representation of Herman / The Frankenstein Monster in figure form.  The build is perfectly captured, the ranges of motion are excellent for specifically who he is.
  • The facial detail here is stunning.  I see Fred Gwynne in plastic as I never have before.
  • Herman comes with the back, bolts and panel of the electric chair BA…C.
  • So much attention to detail is paid to Herman right down to the coat pockets.
  • This is a lumbering figure in all of the right ways…it’s Herman!

The Bad

  • “It’s not fair that his lunch box doesn’t open”.
  • I’ll mention this in every “The Bad”.  Removing these figures from the packaging was a beast!


The Good

  • Wow! It’s really awesome that the little beakers come out of the wood rack! (that was a quote).
  • Tons of excellent options for Grandpa, with cape, without cape, with cigar hand, without cigar hand.  Note, I didn’t picture the cigar hand on because my four year old was very involved in the photographic process for this set.
  • Included with Grandpa is a finely detailed table / lab set with a beaker rack, a few flasks and a sciency gadget what’s name escapes me.  2 little books with fine point detail are included as well making for an astonishing dio setup in a single box for Grandpa.
  • Going back to it again, facial detail on these figures is absolutely second to none!
  • Grandpa includes the chair bottom and head piece to the electric chair BAC.

The Bad

  • The four year old let down here was that you can’t open the books.  A complaint is a complaint and my son was highly interested in doing some teeny tiny reading…
  • Removing these figures from the packaging was a beast!


The Good

  • The ghostly effervescence of Lily is captured through perfect folds and tails of her gown.
  • I got to use effervescence in a sentence…
  • This is a tiny Lily made of plastic, spot ON!
  • Lily includes a very highly detailed grandfather clock (not Grandpa clock) with a mockingbird poking it’s head out.  The good is that it’s beautiful.

The Bad

  • Packaging. I was opening it thinking wow this isn’t that bad for a figure this size..then I got to a thick tie for every limb plus the waist.  I will never want to understand why toy manufacturers insist on tying down a figure like he’s going to break out all by himself.  Molds nowadays are more than enough to hold the figure in place.  Leave it at that!
  • Removing these figures from the packaging was a beast!
  • The grandfather clock mockingbird doesn’t appear to be moveable, didn’t want to force it and break it, not a big deal but would love to have been able to open / close it’s doors.


The rest

A few pluses for all the figures.

  • The electric chair is awesome!
  • Each figure comes with a stand that fits perfectly.
  • Unboxing this set had my whole family on the couch within the hour watching old episodes of The Munsters.  Mission Nostalgia accomplished!


 Big Bad Toy Store has this series for sale, grab this amazing series there, or at your local LCS!  You can also pick the figures up direct through Diamond Select Toys.


And now…the family pictures


MUReview received these products for free.


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