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Diamond Select Toys: Marvel Premiere Collection Thanos Resin Statue

MUReview is spoiled with riches this late week in August of 2017.  Our good friends at Diamond Select Toys sent us many, many large boxes of beautiful things to share with you.  Of all the things in those boxes, my most anticipated is what you will see below.  Something that, since it’s announcement, I was literally foaming at the mouth and chomping at the bit to get my hands on….and well…I did.  The Marvel Premiere Collection Thanos Resin Statue.  The easy contrast to our look at the Spider-Man statue, Spidey is PVC, Thanos is Resin.  It’s a different type of statue entirely, but fantastically, stands beautifully next to the PVC line statues.  I remember way back in the day when I started picking up statues, my goal was always to re-create some semblance of the Infinity Gauntlet roster.  Thanos brings me a keystone step closer to that goal, and he’s an absolutely astonishing figure at a surprising value focused price point!  Buckle up folks, here is where I gush mercilessly about this statue.

The Good | The BadThe Rest | Availability Pictures

The Good

  • Thanos is a monster at 12 inches.  Just huge.  
  • Thanos is freaking heavy.  Like…3 or 4 watermelons heavy.  I’m not sure that’s an accurate unit of measurement, but it’s what I’m going with.  On the plus side, he’s definitely not as cumbersome to hold as 3 or 4 watermelons.  What I’m getting at here is size and weight, he’s a substantial statue in every sense of the word.  We’re talkin’ watermelons here.
  • Four separate hands are included, two left and two right.  This allows for 3 separate iterations of Thanos in the same outfit.  One set of hands he’s holding the Cosmic Cube (or Tesseract if yer nasty), another he has the Infinity Gauntlet on, and you can combine the unadorned hands for plain old Thanos without an artifact of extreme power.  4 hands, 1 statue, 3 iterations of Thanos…value!
  • When comic fans hear the word Thanos, immediately conjured in their brain, should be him on a cover of Infinity Gauntlet #4, him in his classic blue and gold against a starry black background saying “Come and get me”.  This statue is that Thanos to a T.  The artists at Diamond Select Toys absolutely killed it on character likeness here.  Not just character likeness, but they captured one of the most iconic Marvel villains from his most iconic period.  There is little more you can ask for when considering investing in a statue.  
  • Thanos is brought to life standing on a platform adorned in perfectly designed infinity stones (surrounding the outside bottom edge).  Two torches, while not electronically lit look astonishing with the right backlighting.
  • Paint and coloring here are damned near perfect all around.  Very clean lines, solid application.
  • The way Diamond Select Toys managed to capture the evil grin of The Mad Titan just shows the attention they pay to the finest details.  
  • He’s just such a beast of a statue!!!

The Bad

  • This is so hilariously wishful and it doesn’t even make sense for what this is…BUT.  The inclusion of the multiple hands has me wishing you could rotate his arm position so that he can hold the gauntlet up high and drop down the cube or closed fist on his right hand. Wouldn’t work, doesn’t even make sense, it’s a statue, but I am allowed my wishes, right?  It’s a count in the spoiled column that we even get a gauntlet hand swap in the first place.

The Rest

This is every single thing I wanted in a Thanos statue.  I’ve eyed some of it’s predecessors in different lines, but apart from being outrageously expensive and hard to find, most wouldn’t even fit through my front door.  With this Thanos statue you have a beautiful display piece at a perfect price point.  Something else to note.  Collectors of Marvel statues are familiar with, let’s call them the old guard, Bowen, Kotobukiya.  This Thanos, and yesterday’s review of Spider-Man, both fit beautifully in any collection featuring old guard statues.  Check the gallery for what my shelf looks like today.  I’m quite proud of it…and hoping to add Doc Strange imminently.  This definitely will NOT be my last Diamond Select statue review, PVC, Resin or otherwise.  Diamond Select is taking all of their incredible design know how and applying it to these ultimate formats.  The sky is the limit.  It should be noted, that while Richard Rider Nova will always be my favorite statue, I have others, and I love them all.  Thanos though, ranks right up there with Rich!  Can I have two favorites?  I may just!


The Mad Titan is available for pre-order at BigBadToyStore with an estimated ship date of August.  He’s also up at Diamond Select Toys own site with a magical “Add To Cart” button lit up.  Here is the important part though.  He’s limited to 3000 pieces.  He’s stunning.  If you want him, get to clicking because he won’t be around for long, especially at $150?!?!  Are you kidding?! I fully imagine these Premiere Collection pieces from Diamond Select Toys experiencing similar value over time increases to the classic Bowen pieces.  If you are a Thanos fan, you shouldn’t hesitate here.  You really don’t have very long with 3000 pieces, and if those pieces manage to hold out for even a little, forget it come 2018 when Thanos hits the big screen for real.  ….2999 pieces..cuz I got one.


MUReview received this statue for free to review from Diamond Select Toys.

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