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Diamond Select Toys: Spider-Man PVC Statue

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Diamond Select Toys has formally and fully made a splash on the statue scene as of recent times.   They’ve come out with an entirely impressive roster of statues that are well designed, well painted, and just the perfect size, and price to inspire a collection that has more than a little longevity.  My memory is a little hazy on the subject, but I believe DST launched their foray into PVC statues in 2016, if not mid-late 2015.  They’ve brought, from what I can see, almost 20 Marvel character PVC statues to market so far at a price point of $45.  Before you keep reading, let that sink in.  Collector / shelf display grade statues, less than $50.  The roster boasts heavy hitters too, apart from Spider-Man who we will take a look at today, Doctor Strange, Phoenix, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Deadpool, Hulk, Jewel, Thor, the list goes on.  The list is also expanding heavily in 2017 and 2018, movie versions of the Guardians, TV versions of Punisher, Elektra, so much more.  Diamond Select PVC statues, especially of the Marvel ilk are something to be incredibly excited for for a ton of reasons.  I am excited for the line, for those ton of reasons, and thanks to our friends at Diamond Select Toys, I get to share my first one with you today (not to be too far followed by my second one I’m sure…).  Let’s check out Spider-Man!

The Good

  • Detail all over!
  • The curl of Spider-Man’s right hand just about makes the whole statue for me.
  • The bright blue against the brilliant red are just the right colors for my taste to bring this classic outfit Spidey to life.
  • Sharp linework throughout, well defined uniform webbing on chest, gloves, feet.
  • He’s so so light!  
  • Fits perfectly in scale with my older Marvel statues.
  • While he is light, he’s well balanced and sits on the shelf just right with no fear of tipping over.  Not something you should have to worry about, but not everyone can get it right. Diamond Select got it right.

The Bad

  • A few stray pieces of paint, nothing to be upset about, but since I don’t have anything actually bad to say, I’ll go with that.

The Rest

Spider-Man is a fan favorite.  This is a beautiful statue.  This is a beautiful statue you can own for less than $35 today (see below).  This begs the question of ‘what are you still doing here?’.  Maybe you aren’t a fan of this version?  You can get Miles Morales too.  Same pose, different costume.  That begs the question….can we also have a symbiote suit version of this?  2099?  2099 V2?  Bag Head?  Keep em coming!!!  I’m really excited about this first dip into the PVC statue pool.  DST has done an outstanding job, and left me wanting more, and my order finger is gettin’ very itch.  Lookin’ at you Doctor Strange….you who I ordered…then Amazon canceled my order….lookin’ at you.


Available on Amazon today! For the low price of $33.  Also available, the Miles Morales Variant!  


MUReview received this statue for free to review from Diamond Select Toys.

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