Black Knight and Enchantress  | Tigra and Falcon | Blizzard (Gill) & Mandroid | Blizzard (Shapanka) & Mandroid  | MM S69 Most Wanted Group Shots

Diamond Select Toys Minimates: Series 69 Most Wanted Group Shots

I gotta be honest. I didn’t think I’d ever love a Minimate as much as I love my Richard Rider Nova figure…but that Black Knight is the reason for the season.  I’m so happy to have Series 69 for a bunch of reasons, but he’s runaway the top of the list.  A fantastic Minimate in every way.  That doesn’t diminish the rest of the wave at all though, you have some killer figures here, a classic Falcon, Tigra, Enchantress, Mandroids Mandroids Mandroids, and two versions of Blizzard, two beautiful, very eye catching versions of Blizzard.  The blue on modern blizzard might be my favorite paint on an action figure ever!  This series is fantastic, and you should go out hunting for it today!

We love the wave, you’ll love the wave, go pick it up at your local comic shop!

Thank you again Diamond Select Toys! net received this product for free for review purposes.

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