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Diamond Select Toys Minimates: Series 69 Most Wanted Blizzard (Shapanka) and Mandroid

Series 69 wraps up today with our look at Gregor Shapanka and Mandroid.  Now, this is the same Mandroid as featured with Donald Gill, so that portion of this post will look familiar if you read the Donald Gill Blizzard / Mandroid post.  But Gregor Shapanka is a totally unique figure with his own look and accessories, so we will have our own look at him!  

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Blizzard (Shapanka)

  • Another perfectly color schemed figure.  Like Donald Gill, sharp, bright white core, brilliant blue accents, rich black detail lines.
  • Helmet looks and fits great.
  • Sinister smile on the face beneath the helmet.
  • Included accessories, the same ice sled as Donald Gill Blizzard, but instead of an ice fist and ice blast, Gregor has long, thin, easily held icicles.
  • This and the other Blizzard are shining examples of keeping a figure simple and let it be incredible through paint.  This is an outstanding Minimate! 
  • I’d of liked to have seen a hair piece included as no images I could find of Gregor were of him bald.



  • I love it when Minimates makes hulking figures, Mandroid falls into that category.
  • His whole upper torso cover is a single piece and looks amazing for it.  The unbroken robot muscle texture is perfect, the metal shoulder pads, and the helmet, all look great here.
  • This comes off as a single piece to reveal the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent pilot…he’s got some pretty cool sunglasses.
  • You can also remove other armor effects, the under-shoulder pads, thigh covers, metal boots, to reveal a basic Mandroid Pilot ready to suit up.
  • This is a figure you are going to want to army build, a dozen Mandroids is going to look sick on the shelf.
  • Interesting accessories included here, computer…looking thing (forgive my ignorance), a cup of coffee, hair to hide the Minimate pattern baldness.


The Rest

Mandroids by the Dozen.  You’ll want to hit up this set early and often to grab your own Mandroid army.  What will you do with all the extra Blizzards?  You are inventive, crafty even, I’m sure you will figure something out.  Blizzard, should you remove the helmet has a fairly plain Minimate body…custom it, create your Mandroid Army, and make sure you keep one Gregor Shapanka, because he’s a great classic figure that you absolutely need in your collection!


$7 at Amazon gets you Mandroid and Mr. Shapanka Blizzard!  If you are looking to army build Mandroids, add as many as you can to your cart and have a blast!

Family Photos! net received this product for free for review purposes.

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