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Diamond Select Toys Minimates: Series 69 Most Wanted Blizzard (Gill) and Mandroid

Winter is here…because Blizzard.  Two Blizzards even!!  Today we have a look at Minimates Series 69 Donald Gill Blizzard (my favorite Blizzard), and Mandroid! (…my…favorite…Mandroid?).  In Series 69, we have two very similar packs, one with Donald Gill Blizzard, the other with Gregor Shapanka.  Both come with Mandroid…having Mandroids works out just fine, and I’m excited to have two different takes on Blizzard…as said, especially this one.

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Blizzard (Gill)

  • It seems childish to say something like this, but I’m pretty sure that Blizzard Blue is my favorite color, and it glows here on Donald Gill.
  • Clean, sharp paint detail defines this figure, the white explodes into the blue, it looks brilliant.
  • Cool accessories included here (see what I did there?),
    • Ice fist looks great, fits well.
    • Ice blast doesn’t cause the figure to become unbalanced, fits perfectly, looks awesome.
    • Ice luge / slide effect is enough to make the Silver Surfer jealous.



  • I love it when Minimates makes hulking figures, Mandroid falls into that category.
  • His whole upper torso cover is a single piece and looks amazing for it.  The unbroken robot muscle texture is perfect, the metal shoulder pads, and the helmet, all look great here.
  • This comes off as a single piece to reveal the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent pilot…he’s got some pretty cool sunglasses.
  • You can also remove other armor effects, the under-shoulder pads, thigh covers, metal boots, to reveal a basic Mandroid Pilot ready to suit up.
  • This is a figure you are going to want to army build, a dozen Mandroids is going to look sick on the shelf.
  • Interesting accessories included here, computer…looking thing (forgive my ignorance), a cup of coffee, hair to hide the Minimate pattern baldness.


The Rest

In this set, and the Shapanka set which we will talk about tomorrow, we get Blizzard, who is awesome, and a damn fine army builder in Mandroid.  Blizzard is just freaking awesome.  I haven’t really seen a color explode off of a figure like this, to see it in a Minimate is fantastic.  Love this figure.  Mandroid, I’ve got two…and I may open up a few more just to make the display that much more impressive…and it is impressive.  Go grab this set!


Amazon has this set for $14.95.  If you are looking to army build, the Shapanka side of this equation is a little more affordale, look out for links to it tomorrow.  For now, you can grab this on Amazon, and you should, because Donald Gill is my favorite color.

Family Photos! net received this product for free for review purposes.

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