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Diamond Select Toys Minimates: Series 69 Most Wanted Black Knight and Enchantress

Welcome my friends to our first look at Series 69 Most Wanted Minimates!  We start off with my favorite figure of the series, Black Knight!  I don’t have a very long list of wanted characters from Minimates, mainly because Diamond Select Toys has already done a stellar job of addressing so many amazing Marvel characters already.  One that they didn’t hit until right here though is, like I said my favorite of the series, but also one of my favorite Marvel characters of all time.  So to say that I’m excited to have him join my Minimate collection is an understatement.  Enchantress is included in the pack as well, and she’s a gorgeous figure…so forgive me if I over-gush about Black Knight, she’s worth a pick up all on her own.

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Black Knight

  • Dane Whitman is faithfully recreated in Minimates plastic.  His comic likeness in this format is just fantastic.
  • His helmet is incredibly detailed, dead on.
  • Included hair for swapping gives him a great helmetless look.
  • Cape is the perfect color blue, DST did a great job of the setup where it looks like it should afix to his chest piece too!
  • The Ebony Blade is present and accounted for, looks fantastic, fits perfectly in his hands.
  • He looks as good with cape and helm as he does without.  The coloring used for his metallic armor really shines.
  • Clean and sharp paint all around, his chest logo looks perfect.
  • It’d be neat to get him a Minimate horse…. 




  • I have found, that in my collection of Enchantress figures, what’s really important is to nail the design on the legs.  DST did that, it looks sharp and clean.
  • Chest and skirt design flows well together, her belt area looks particularly good.
  • The right mix of greens for Enchantress here!
  • Green energy hand covers look awesome, fit great, make her 100% more Enchanty.  
  • Another 2017 Minimate with a pretty femal face, great job on the makeup DST!
  • Tiara looks comic-perfect.



The Rest

If you get no other set from Minimates Series 69, get this one.  The Black Knight is an amazing figure, Enchantress is fantastic as well.  For real though, the Black Knight, holy perfect Minimate.  Just go get it.


You’ll need to buy this, and you can buy it at Amazon for $7.99.  Black Knight is an absolute must have figure and Enchantress is nothing to sneeze at.

Family Photos! net received this product for free for review purposes.

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