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Diamond Select Toys Minimates: Series 64 Secret Wars Wastelands Wolverine and Dystopia Hulk

Secret Wars did some whacky stuff…but, did it go to far when it took away Hulk’s hair?  Thankfully, I’m not in the business of having to answer questions like that.  Hulk pattern baldness is real and it has it’s own victims.  At the end of the day though, I’m just here to talk about action figures, Minimates specifically today.  Does Diamond Select ring the bell on these two figures?  Or do they fall short?  

Wastelands Wolverine | Dystopia Hulk The Rest | Availability Family Photos

Wastelands Wolverine

  • Included with Wasteland Wolverine is the single most bad ass Minimate scale duster ever imagined. Big shouldered and multi-layered, I really hope they have some cowboys to re-use this piece on, it is glorious.
  • Wolvie comes with a second set of arms and hands, so that he can traipse around sleeveless and with claws retracted.  It’s an appreciated look.
  • Mixing and matching arms and claw hands here is fun!
  • Logan features his grey locks and grey lambchops.  Lambchops? Lochops?  You decide.
  • Solid face / paint design conveys this tired old man perfectly.



Dystopia Hulk

  • Logan may be going grey, but Dystopia Hulk has a hair line receding into infinity!  Diamond Select Toys does an outstanding job of capturing this Secret Wars, Dystopia version of the Hulk from big feet to bulbous forehead.
  • Bracers and feet sculpt pieces look and fit perfectly.
  • Painted on necklace shows depth by paint only.
  • Hulks muscle jacket enhances his size to just right proporitons.
  • His flowing white locks are highly detailed.



The Rest

A balding Hulk and Wolverine in a duster…not the first incarnations to come to mind when you think of either of those characters, but thus is the magic of Secret Wars.  Marvel really put some stuff sideways and upside down, gave artists, and downstream, toy companies, a lot of interesting envisionings of characters to work with.  Diamond Select Toys, here, takes advantage of some of those envisionings with very well executed Wastelands Wolverine and Dystopia Hulk.  They hit all the right notes and give us two quality figures worth chasing down.   


You want Hulk, AND Wolverine in the same package?  That’s just greedy…but thanks to the magic of Minimates and Diamond Select Toys, you can have that, for under 10 bucks at Amazon!

Family Photos!

MUReview.net net received this product for free for review purposes.

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