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Diamond Select Toys Minimates: Marvel Greatest Hits Series 2 Luke Cage and Iron Fist

Well here we are! It’s been one heck of a run of awesome Minimates, culminating today, in our last pack review (stay tuned, still more group shot posts to come!).  Today we are going to have a look at Luke Cage and Dragon Attack Iron Fist.  This pack, like the Ant-Man Hawkeye set is a re-packaging from the 2014 Best Of Wave 3 pack.  Same characters, same accessories, still fantastic, and if you missed that pack in 2014, it’s an awesome opportunity to fill that hole, because both of these figures are amazing.  

Luke Cage | Iron Fist The Rest | Availability Family Photos

Luke Cage / Power Man

  • The amount of different looks you can give Luke Cage / Power Man in this set is nearly epic.  So many ways to customize.
  • The only way you can’t customize is to the very classic original 70’s Power Man state…understandable.
  • This modern Luke Cage looks comic perfect, the bracers and belt are spot on.
  • Angry Luke face looks great.
  • I love his little beanie, and it fits great.
  • He looks even more bad a$$ with the leather jacket than the yellow t-shirt!


Dragon Attack Iron Fist

  • The fire stand is amazing.  Iron Fist looks amazing in it.
  • Like Luke Cage, the options to customize here are copious, he has a whole extra torso, so you can set him up as dojo fighting shirtless Danny, or full costume green and yellow Iron Fist.
  • we have alt arms and hair to boot!
  • Iron Fist hand covers look fantastic, fight just right, make him both irony and fisty enough for any occasion.
  • He also comes with a low flight stand for acrobatic / aerobatic kicks and maneuvers, love the way this is designed, it’s hidden between the torso and leg pieces of the Minimate, you can barely see it in the pictures, but it’s there!



The Rest

Marvel Greatest Hits Series 2 2017 is a fantastic wave of Minimates, and in that fantastic wave, Iron Fist and Luke Cage are absolutely the highlights.  Granted, it’s like picking the brightest starts out of a night sky full of bright stars, but these two edge out the rest if only by sheer volume of accessories.  So much going on in this pack, so many different ways to make up two iconic, and very recently re-popularized characters.  There is nothing to want for in this set, and everything that is included is really well done.  If you missed it in 2014, don’t miss it now.  Go pick this up!  


As soon as you are done binge watching the Defenders, click this link and get the baddest little comic counter part figures in the Luke Cage and Iron Fist Minimates!

Family Photos! net received this product for free for review purposes.

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