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Diamond Select Toys Minimates: Marvel Greatest Hits Series 2 Captain American and Deadpool

Diamond Select Toys has absolutely crushed every single Marvel Greatest Hits figure they have put out, and this next series (2 for those who are counting) is no different.  It features 8 figures that you need in your collection if you don’t already have them, and features them with enough changes and fun accessories, that you’ll want them even if you do have them.  We kick off our Greatest Hits Series 2 coverage with two of my all time favorite characters in one package, Captain America and Deadpool…and keep an eye out for Deadpool in the other Greatest Hits series 2 posts…he gets around.

Captain America | Deadpool The Rest | Availability Family Photos

Captain America

  • It’s Captain America in one of his most classic looks, the scalloped shirt, the shadowed front mask.
  • He’s got wings on his mask.  This is my Cap!
  • As usual, awesome mechanic to attach his shield, an extra wrist piece, that is removable, so when he’s not holding his shield he doesn’t have a bare peg showing.
  • Mask comes off, he has his classic blonde locks included.
  • I’d of loved to have seen DST include a mechanism to back mount Cap’s shield here.  Otherwise, I love this Minimate!  I love him just as much as I loved him released in 2014!


  • Deadpool’s story here is guns, lots of guns, and swords and guns.  He includes two katanas that are back mounted, one shotgun and two mini sub-machine guns.  Each fits great in his hand.
  • Deadpool this go round features his y-shaped harness, the sword sheathes mount into this on the back.  The front side goes down to his belt, but does not connect, this allows for full waits movement / rotation.
  • Deadpool is designed with his squinted angry eye look, it looks great.
  • Paint is clean and sharp as usual, Deadpool is in one of his most iconic and memorable costumes here.
  • The only downside is that there is no unmasked head / face included.  For a Greatest Hits package, i was kind of hoping for that.  Still a great figure.
  • Loved this Deadpool in 2014.  Love him still!


The Rest

Captain America and Deadpool may seem like strange bedfellows, but who cares.  Two of Marvel’s biggest names in one box is what a Greatest Hits wave is all about.  In cap you have stunning figure design, sharp details and everything you need for Cap to be Cap, and with Deadpool you get the Merc with a Mouth and lots of guns.  Sure I may have preferred an unmasked head to a shotgun, but there is no form of Deadpool which isn’t perfect, just ask him.  I said it from the start, and I’ll re-iterate.  If you don’t have these characters in your Minimates collection, this is a perfect chance to snag them both at their best.  If you do…yer probably still going to want these sharp takes on the characters.


Every time you don’t buy a Deadpool figure, in any scale, a kitten dies.  You can save a kitten by picking this set up at Amazon.  Or…live with the guilt otherwise. No kittens were harmed in the writing of this post.

Family Photos! net received this product for free for review purposes.

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