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Diamond Select Toys: Doctor Strange Gallery Statue PVC

Well darn it if Spider-Man and Thanos didn’t hook me on Diamond Select Toys statues.  The amazing size and detail of Thanos caused my jaw to hit the floor.  The fine detail of Spider-Man, how light he is.  There is a bunch to love in the statues I already have, and certainly enough to make me want more.  I mentioned in Thanos I was going for an Infinity Gauntlet line up.  Doctor Strange takes me further down that road, so he was kind of a no brainer for my next target.  I went to visit my friends over at BigBadToyStore.com, and they set me up with a great deal and super good value on shipping!  

The Good | The BadThe Rest | Availability Pictures

The Good

  • He’s levitating.  Yes, I understand the connection point is the cape, and how physics works, but to my eye, he’s levitating, the effect DST pulled off here is amazing to see up close.
  • The fine sculpt and paint detail on the edges of The Cloak of Levitation is just plain pretty.  So much attention to small detail here.
  • Eye of Agamotto is front, center, perfect looking.  DST nailed it.
  • Hand spell effects are probably my favorite on a physical depiction of Doctor Strange that I have ever seen, often they are represented as much larger than his hands, but these feel right sized to me.
  • DST presents a really cool facial expression on the good Doctor.  Mouth agape in casting pose.  
  • The head overall is the Doctor Strange I see in my head when I close my eyes.  Goatee, grey sides, the little flip in the front of his hair.  
  • Wind blown effect on his belt / sash does a great job of showing motion.
  • Sculpt details on the wrinkles on the back of Strange’s cape look amazing.  It creates it’s own shadows and texture, very neat effect.
  • Can’t not talk about the cape collar.  It’s massive and perfect!
  • Eye of Agamotto base can’t be any cooler.  Excellent idea to use that as the base!

The Bad

  • I don’t even have goofy made up complaints here.  He’s a fantastic statue in an awesome pose, and this is the Doctor Strange that I grew up with.  I want for nothing.

The Rest

Doctor Strange is the third in a 3 for 3 in beautiful statues from Diamond Select Toys for me.  I kind of feel like I’d be saying this regardless of which Diamond Select Toys statue I picked as my third, but I’m thrilled I went this direction.  He’s very well detailed, sturdy, posed perfectly, a great size!  There is no question that if you are a Doctor Strange fan, this piece should be high on your collectible priority list, if not at the top of your list. There is a question that my DST statue experience has raised though…a couple actually… 1. Which one should I go after next?  2. When are they making an Adam Warlock?!?


The Good Doctor is available now at your local comic shop, I’ve seen him at Gamestops, I bought mine over at BigBadToyStore, and you can always count on your old friends at Amazon to get one to you quick!



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