Diamond Select Silver Surfer Bottle Opener

By now you should already own the Galactus and Infinity Gauntlet bottle openers from Diamond Select Toys…because they are awesome and because I said so.  If you don’t own them, please stop what you are doing, hit Diamond Select Toys website or your favorite LCS, go get them, then come back.  You have 10 minutes…

Ok, you good?  Welcome back. Let’s talk about the Silver Surfer Bottle opener and why you need to go get it once you are done reading this.

Silver Surfer

The Good

  • Unlike his bottle opening Cosmic brethren, the Surfer is non-magnetic.  You’d think, take away, make worse?  No, you need an opener to hang from a hook or put in a drawer.  As the Herald of Galactus, the Surfer addresses that need perfectly.
  • Now I’m gonna get a little nerdy on you. The weight and balance of the Surfer opener puts just about all other openers I’ve ever used to shame (still like the Gauntlet better..because it’s gold with gems and can end all things).
  • Once again, Diamond Select has produced an exceptional utility adept in the art of opening bottles.  You want this, go buy it, use it to open bottles.

The Bad

  • No cons, I love it and it’ll fit just fine in small hands as well as large.

The rest

Aren’t you thirsty?  You should have bought this already, what are you waiting for?


Grab the Surfer at Diamond Select direct, but not at Big Bad Toy Store, it’s sold out.  Try your luck at your LCS too!

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