Diamond Select Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener

I love toys.  This isn’t a toy.  It’s a bottle opener.  I guess in it’s own right it can kinda qualify, but who cares?  I bring it to you now because it is damned epic.  Never before has the empowered hand of Thanos been brought to life with such polish and glorious purpose.

The Good

  • Amazing shine.  Incredibly smooth make.
  • Gems fit perfectly into the gauntlet and feel nice and sturdy, which is good because I’d be very sad to lose any of them.
  • This little guy opens bottles like a champ.  I only tried one, but after using a sub standard bottle opener for some time, this was a refreshing, easy action to open my exotic micro brew for the evening.
  • The magnets nestled on the back of the opener are strong and solid and hold it to any magnetic surface with no problem.

The Bad

  • This thing is going to smudge.  It’s too shiny not to.
  • I’ve been waiting too long, and the product delivered was too awesome to have any real complaints.  DST did an outstanding job here!

The rest

I have been counting the days since i first saw this.  It was a long wait, but absolutely well worth it.


 Big Bad Toy Store is where fans of MUReview buy things.  You can preorder this baddie there now as it appears their initial run has sold out.  You should be able to make use of Comic Shop Locator or direct through DST as needed.

And now…the pictures

MUReview received these products for free.

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