Diamond Select Galactus Bottle Opener

A man can never have too many bottle openers.  Ever.  When you have people over and the beers aren’t flowing yet, you need to know where to go to make it happen and sometimes, you just don’t know where the bottle opener is.  I think the Galactus Bottle opener from Diamond Select solves that problem by combining two traits that prevent a lost opener.  1, it’s magnetic, 2…it’s gigantic.  Read on.


The Good

  • As mentioned…huge, this is one of the largest bottle openers I have ever owned.
  • Thanks I’m sure in part to it’s size, Galactus has incredibly fine detail in helmet and face.  If I weren’t sure he’d be opening my bottles I’d have sincere concerns that he’d be devouring them.
  • Galactus is equipped with commensurate to size, strong magnets that hold Galactus in place with no problems.  I found with my Infinity Gauntlet opener, while I love it beyond most things, the magnets lacked pull and sometimes the Gauntlet slides down the fridge.  No issue with Galactus at twice the size and at least the weight.
  • After a handful of bottles I’m confident in saying that the Big G does what he was made for very well.  Bottles open with ease.

The Bad

  • If you’ve got tiny hands, you might have some trouble wielding the Ender of Worlds.

The rest

I know of one finer way to access the marvelous liquid found in glass bottles that require an opener and that’s my Infinity Gauntlet opener by Diamond Select…that’s only because I’m partial to the Gauntlet.  Otherwise, I can’t recommend this purchase enough!


 Big Bad Toy Store has this for sale at $14.39, a bargain at twice the price.  You can also find this directly through Diamond Select or at your favorite LCS.


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