Coming out of the Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, Marvel Comics has announced a five issue mini-series written by Fred Van Lente titled the ‘Destroyers.’

The group will include Beast, The Thing, A-Bomb and She-Hulk.  Van Lente told Comic Book Resources, “We’re going to learn that the Destroyers is actually a group that dates all the way back [to] the age of dinosaurs, because one of the group’s original members was Devil Dinosaur.”

Van Lente also said, “Devil is a huge part of this series, as well as his friend Moon-Boy. We’ll also see Rick Jones’s [aka A-Bomb’s] estranged wife Marlo Chandler who, as readers of Greg Pak’s Hulk run know, is the new Harpy. Plus, once our heroes hit the high seas, it will be a challenge to not include a certain Canadian female that is near and dear to my heart – and an aquatic monster.”

This mini-series looks…well, I think the only word that would fit is BIG.  Does anyone else seem to think Beast and The Thing really get around these days?

Destroyers is set to hit in 2012 with art by Kyle Hotz.

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